15 March, 2015

Everything is Bullshit

How long has it been since the last time I posted in this blog? Too goddamn long I would say.

New place, new environment. But the attitude of people never changed. And it never did.

Funny, I expected more from them. But I think it's the other way round.

I wonder, how much longer can I tolerate social and its bullshit.

27 May, 2014

Lady Gaga - powerful/unforgettable quotes

"Thank you for doing that for me. Cuz everytime somebody told me "no",
it just makes me stronger. And I heard "no" way more than I heard "yes".
But you, you make me feel like I can do anything.
Cuz sometimes, we can all feel so broken. But we can fix each other."

- Lady Gaga

07 April, 2014

My VSCO Grid

All the photos above can be found in my VSCO Grid.

I've been a major fan of VSCO ever since last year. After discovering the existence of this wonderful app, I've been editing most of the pictures that I took using it. The presets offered by this app are unlike anything that I've seen in other app. They are different yet artisitically promising, and it's a free ticket for aesthetic finders like me who are eager to uncover the beauty in everything.

One of the best things about VSCO is that users get to use various types of presets dedicated for different settings and purposes, such as Analog, Portrait, Mood and Etiquette. Part of the reason why I enjoy using VSCO and trust that it can always satisfy me is that users of VSCO can make use of the various settings offered by VSCO such as the adjusting of Tint, Shadow, Highlights, Contrast and Fade to give their pictures a finishing touch and more appealing appearances.