01 October, 2017

Lunch and Dinner Dates

I always love going to dinner dates with people I love and care about. During the course of the dinner, While waiting for our food, I get to see what do they do to spend their waiting times. They could be chatting and talking about various topics, maybe about what they are currently interested in; they could be busy texting or playing games on phone; or they could be reading a book.

Lunch and dinner dates are when you get to bond closer to the people you love. There's so many things you can talk about that you get to really understand each other, even their likes and dislikes. These dates are also good opportunities for me to catch up with these people that I care about, especially after we haven't seen each other for a while. There's so many things I will be able to learn about them and about myself; these talks are also important in changing my lifestyle as I get persuaded or talked into different ways of doing things that may appeal to me.

Most important of all, as life is short, I can appreciate my time with people I love and I shall one day reminisce the good times we have had.

03 September, 2017

New Music! And Short Films

I was watching short films again on YouTube, which is a hobby which I developed since this year. Short films are very interesting; the ones I watched are full of eerie and chilly suspenses in between them and very imaginative plots embedded in them.

This video was one of the ones I watched days ago, which is about a girl named Lalin; who sadly is very conscious of how she looks and a story followed suit about this state of mind of hers.

The video above lead me to a new favourite song of mine, and I placed the link down below so you would be able to listen to it too. It's real nice and really bring things to a new shed of light.

God, I love this song :) It's called How Long by Jelly Rocket.

I watched Bad Genius last week. That really opened my eyes to the creative potentials that the people of Thailand could achieve if we would just give them the chance. I will definitely widen my options in music and movies towards the benefits of theirs so there will be more that I can share in my blog :)

31 August, 2017

Lolita (1997)

All of the photos above are screenshots taken by me from the movie, Lolita.

Lolita... Funny that it's categorised as a literature novel, but as it's the second literature work made into movies or films that I ever came across (with the first being The Signature of All Things), it seems to me that the literature novels are capable of being more erotic than the series of Fifty Shades of Grey. My God, Lolita's too much for me, yet I can totally relate to it.

It hurts to know you're the second or the third in the eyes of someone you love; if you're to be ranked along with the other two for something. The pedophile and protagonist of this movie, Humbert, happens to be the second or third in Dolores' eyes, who was his victim and his very favourite person. Dolores was Lolita, and he gave her the name Lolita.

I didn't read the novel so I might not accurately interpret and give the best analysis about the story, but I could only interpret the story based on the movie made in 1997. In my eyes, Lolita is the walking definition of some of the women of the horoscope of Leo - who can be misogynistic, needy of the attention of the opposite sex, stubborn, dramatic, yet any potentials and great contributions to the humanity that thet could achieve in life left unbeknownst to them. They can easily be taken advantage of and get carried away in their lives without their consent or knowledge as to what is actually happening; which is very sad to see; such as in the movie, as Lolita got pregnant towards the end in the movie at such a young age as she constantly let her fate lie in the hands of those who are untrustworthy like Humbert - who, in his selfish ways, did not let Lolita enjoy her adolescent life and I daresay he was mostly responsible for what had happened to Lolita. But then again, if Lolita did not subject herself into a life that made her commit sins such as incest, manipulation of the minds of men and using her femininity to get what she wants, she would had been safe and rid herself from all this trouble.

I could still say that Lolita is rather unlucky to have met Humbert, as she filled a void in his life that was created ever since he was a teenager. Everyone of us has our own downfalls in life, and we all have things which could drive us from our true purposes in life. But we can never run away from our own fates; just like Humbert who was, in a way, traumatised by the death of his first love, and he had to live in the shadows of those traumatic moments in his life as his dreams were crushed. He developed into being hebephilic and he created his own fate; by having attraction towards young girls and experienced problems in his life because of that. Eventually, he had of course felt remorse for what he had done to Lolita and failed to provide her with the freedom and love that she deserves even though she's not perfect as a person; as we could at least let someone we love be happy.

I think it's a great movie which invoked many different kinds of feelings in me. The ending's too sad to bear, and I feel that even though they're not perfect for each other; Humbert truly loved Lolita, and Lolita truly loved him in her own ways. It's a beautiful movie and I recommend everyone to watch it. But be warned; the movie is not for everyone haha.