13 January, 2018

Lone Survivor (game)

The retro style and settings as illustrated in the game, as well as a simple yet attention-catching storyline have all made Lone Survivor another one-of-a-kind masterpiece to be remembered by fans of games all over the world. What captured and intrigued me was the music; which was a combination of the style of the 80's and the 90's with some jazz fusion within the mix. One of my favourite tracks from the game is called Home:

Music by Jasper Byrne - many kudos and thanks to him.

As a viewer of games and non-player of most games, I sometimes do prefer to sit back and enjoy the games themselves than playing them. There may be some things that I am yet to figure out in games, but that doesn't stop me from loving them and looking forward to even more. Video games have a way of allowing the gamers and spectators to immerse within their story and gameplay; many thanks to game creators and those who have been making it possible for us to enjoy these beautiful works.

01 October, 2017

Lunch and Dinner Dates

I always love going to dinner dates with people I love and care about. During the course of the dinner, While waiting for our food, I get to see what do they do to spend their waiting times. They could be chatting and talking about various topics, maybe about what they are currently interested in; they could be busy texting or playing games on phone; or they could be reading a book.

Lunch and dinner dates are when you get to bond closer to the people you love. There's so many things you can talk about that you get to really understand each other, even their likes and dislikes. These dates are also good opportunities for me to catch up with these people that I care about, especially after we haven't seen each other for a while. There's so many things I will be able to learn about them and about myself; these talks are also important in changing my lifestyle as I get persuaded or talked into different ways of doing things that may appeal to me.

Most important of all, as life is short, I can appreciate my time with people I love and I shall one day reminisce the good times we have had.

03 September, 2017

New Music! And Short Films

I was watching short films again on YouTube, which is a hobby which I developed since this year. Short films are very interesting; the ones I watched are full of eerie and chilly suspenses in between them and very imaginative plots embedded in them.

This video was one of the ones I watched days ago, which is about a girl named Lalin; who sadly is very conscious of how she looks and a story followed suit about this state of mind of hers.

The video above lead me to a new favourite song of mine, and I placed the link down below so you would be able to listen to it too. It's real nice and really bring things to a new shed of light.

God, I love this song :) It's called How Long by Jelly Rocket.

I watched Bad Genius last week. That really opened my eyes to the creative potentials that the people of Thailand could achieve if we would just give them the chance. I will definitely widen my options in music and movies towards the benefits of theirs so there will be more that I can share in my blog :)