29 October, 2011

Shutter shades


I love it so much that I think I need to have it, from Shutter Shades. But that will be impossible since I don't live anywhere near the outlets that sell these stuffs. That's just too bad...... =(

28 October, 2011


I love them.

Okay, some of them may be pretty common and easy to understand, but some just don't.



You can find out more in the NounProject.

Photos and pictures credits to NounProject, meadbh metrustry, Nature Wallpapers and Malka Dubrawsky. I really enjoy their works.

26 October, 2011

Na Na Na

"I've got soul in my bones
Got a home, a dog and a man to call my own
Every month
I've got my period
To take care of
And to collect in blue tampons

Na na na
Na na na

I've got mace, pepper-spray
And some shoes that runs faster than a rapist rapes
What I need is chemical castrations, hope and godspeed

Na na na
Na na na

What I need is chemical castrations, hope and godspeed......"

Of all the things I could have imagined, the only 3 things I can see are the sky, the endless forest, and the narrow lane between the trees. I was rushing past the the trees every second, trying to reach the end as it may seem to be my only desire. But no matter how far did I go, the narrow lane just lead me to infinity.

I love this song. The Knife sure makes great music. Na Na Na always gives me an eerie feeling whenever I listen to it.

Photos credits to Jake Messenger. Even though I could not find the most suitable photo that can picturise the scene that I have imagined while I was listening to this song, but these photos are the best alternatives; picturesque and solitary, just the way I can feel as the song plays on.

23 October, 2011

Le Petit Prince

 "One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye." 
 - the fennec fox, The Little Prince

Have you ever read The Little Prince? Is it good? Apparently, I never read it before.

Sometime ago, I came across Depeche Mode's single Enjoy the Silence. I watched the music video and did a little research about it, hoping to find out the meaning of the video. What I did find out is that the video shared the same theme and storyline with the children's book The Little Prince. After reading through its plot, I thought I need to read the whole novella myself.

I received this gift from a friend of mine about a few months ago (Big thanks to her!), and so I took a few close-ups of it so you can have a look at the notebook, inside and out.

A quotation from the novella.

I didn't have this though, but I've been hoping to own it myself.

Last photo credits to Cziplee

21 October, 2011

The Latchkey Kids

latchkey child (also 'latchkey kid) noun a child who is at home alone after school because both parents are at  work.

Dear parents, your children need your protections and attentions.

Images credits to anonymous (top), Sundari Carmody (2nd) and Dark-Room (3rd). I think all these photos describe well about kids' feelings and behaviour when they are at home, alone.

20 October, 2011

and great deeds are very important to him

Last written on October 17, 2011; renewed on October 20, 2011.

Merlin, Merlin, Merlin;
What do you do for living?
You told me you've been
working as His servant,
polishing Arthur's armour.
But from what I've seen,
you did greater things.
For countless times
you saved His soul
from misery and danger,
without His consent.

Merlin, Merlin, Merlin;
you've grown so old
but still full of strength.
You taught dear Wart
worthwhile education.
You knew He will soon
be the king that will
rule a mighty kingdom.
and You told yourself
that you will aid Him
in becoming the king,
the way He ought to be.

haha, do you like it? It took me some time to finish this poem. The Adventures of Merlin is a good and hilarious show to watch, while Sword in the Stone is inspirational and serves as the reminiscence of the old times. Too bad that I'm not familiar with Arthurian legends, as it will be a good way of learning about Merlin.

Images credits to BBC Online (top) and listal (2nd)

18 October, 2011

defining the lyrics

just a song that describes desperation and dependency. but somehow, i think the song is talking about believing the unbelievable too. anyway, i hope you will enjoy it.

and by the way, Miss Volkova and Miss Katina, i love you both.

16 October, 2011


i saw
walking by
i can't
let go
been mumbling
your name
wondered why
we stopped
since then

10 October, 2011

Beyond the Rooftops

Beyond the rooftops,
hung over the night sky,
is the moon.
It's a quiet night;
and viewing from inside of my house,
I find this view fascinating.
I left;
and after a moment when I came back,
a grayish cloud have already hidden the moon behind it.
Till now, the dark sky remains solitary.

If only I have a camera,
I will take a picture of that view so I could share it with you.

08 October, 2011

Lilac Dusk

I was having a hard time yesterday,
busying myself with so many house chores,
and rarely had time for myself. But......

Dear sky,
you amazed me.
Last evening,
at dusk,
you were glowing lilac
with those pinkish clouds hung over you;
which I find intriguing.

If I have the time,
I could lie on the field and stare at you all the time;
let this be the intimate conspiracies that we could have.

this beautiful side of you ceased shortly after you appeared.
But that doesn't matter.
Because I'm now waiting for you,
calling for you if I have to;
so that we can again share a limited moment

06 October, 2011


At last, I've finally found the songs that I have been searching for for SO MANY YEARS!!!

十年已过了。但是今日我终于找到了那些好好听的歌了!那就是辛暁琪的  眼前人  !我不知有多高兴呢!

辛好我还能忍别她的名字,不然我恐怕不能再听这动听的曲子了! 不过,我也趁那个机会听取了张柏芝的  星语心愿  和王菲的  过眼云烟  。 我好久没听这些歌了! 好感激!从小到现在,我有时候会忽然想起多年来听过的华文歌曲。有些就吸引了我的注意力,让这些曲子永远地播放着在我的脑海里。

现在我就想要下载这首歌,可是我却找不到适合的网站啊。唉。。。 。。。

让我分享这另一首我多年来最思念的歌 -  因为爱  来自谢霆锋。

02 October, 2011


I just found this song.
it is a great song.
and yes, I love the tune very-very-very much.

I admit that I've been listening to it for ten times in a row since just now. I have a weakness for beautiful music. Just couldn't help it! ;0

and I just found the word 'ineffable' which best describes this song!

By the way, kudos to Avicii!!! <3

01 October, 2011

I feel...

depressed by the arrival of doom;

insecure and tormented;

empty after he left;

remorseful for not appreciating our friendship;

introverted all the time;

guilty for being so committed to this blog;

hated (don't ask me why);

tense while watching Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Walkthrough - Lair of the Blind Ones episode.

you guessed it.