13 December, 2012

A View to My Definition of Apocalypse

I'm sure all of you heard that the Mayan's supposedly 'apocalypse' is coming soon on the 21st of December this year. It was rumoured that the Mayans believe that particular day to be the last day the world exists is because it is the last day that appears in their calendar, something like that.

I'm not sure if it's true, and I'm also not sure how do the Mayans picture apocalypse, since they expected or at least, think that 21.12.12 is the day which the world ends. As a matter of fact, people have very different ways and opinions about how the world meets its end. Some think that it has something to do with aliens or cyborgs' invasion into the Earth, or the outbreak of some terrible war. Anonymous once shared her views with me saying that she pictured apocalypse as the day when the whole scene of the day is a long term of dusk, where everything is added and smeared with orange and yellow. And now, it's my turn to share how I always picture an apocalypse will be. It's very similar to the scenes featured in the video below.

The video features very upsetting scenes but those are apparently my view towards apocalypse. Sometimes I even thought that everything that happens in the video will happen to this world, the reality. It's only a matter of time before scenes like these will be featured in real life, and by then I will be watching the live version of these short term destructions of the world; where everybody has no sense of conscience and responsibility, and people will start acting against morality because they are desperate and afraid.

18 November, 2012


I used to figure that Lana Del Rey's music doesn't suit me, and never will. And I hated them for some time because of the music videos, which I considered as uncreative and bad for my mind. Most of the time I couldn't figure out why would Lizzy use such weird and disturbing themes and stories for her music videos. I wondered if I should blame the director or her, or nobody because I'm just being nosy for worrying about such things?

I was being stubborn, unfair, and misogynistic I guess. I ought to give myself a chance to love her songs, appreciate the joy that she has brought to us, and to the whole world. And after a while, I came to realise that her music wasn't that bad after all, and I find that the music videos were actually presented with really beautiful and meaningful stories. And for being such a talented and beautiful singer and song writer, I think she deserves to be praised and awarded for what she did for the musical industry. You will always be in my heart, Lizzy. And I'm sorry.

All the screenshots above are from Lana Del Rey's National Anthem, Born To Die and Summertime Sadness's music videos.

16 November, 2012

The Little Prince

I finished reading the pdf version of the story last midnight, since I couldn't find a copy of the storybook. It was amazing, the way Antoine presents the story in a calm and quiet background setting. The story raise topics which are the fundamental principles of life on Earth but rarely discussed among the society. The writer talked about grown-ups; their thoughts, the way they speak, and the attitude they used when attending to different subjects. And since the little prince came from a different planet, his curiosity about life on Earth were revealed through the questions he asked and the opinions he gave.

The writer creatively mentioned about different and unique occupations and responsibilities; the beauty that can be seen in every chore or deed, such as the lamplighter lights the street lamp. I like the way the writer used the little prince to describe his thoughts (if it was his thoughts in the first place) of a simple street lamp and a lamplighter on a little planet; the writer's purpose of creating them to tell the readers about how every good deeds do matter, no matter how small are they.

The little prince's planet is so small, he cares for every things that exist and come in contact with him in his life; the sunset, the street lamp, the rose he waters, and the goat in a box which the writer drew for him. I admire the little prince for being obedient as he visited Earth in favour of the geographer's request to write about the planet. And as he recalled the past about his journey in the train station, he was so observant that he could easily find a way to relate the Earth with the people living in it; having no imagination (the echoes which repeats what the prince had shouted from the mountains to the sky) and retarded (wanting or having the others to speak up first before they speak). It is sad to listen to the way the little prince pointed out the fact that men do not know what they are looking for through all the excitement and errands. They have not met their true objectives in life at all. I  have to agree with him on this.

And to the end of the story, I learned the true reason why anything can be important for us, and that is because we care and waste our time for it which makes it so important.

07 November, 2012

All I want for Christmas

I'm so glad that I have the chance to get to know you. I remembered how cute you were on the first day when we met. You were riding on your truck and you went 'broom broom'. You even wanted me to play with you. And I joined in. We were just childish.

Then, you called me 'wifey', and after some time, I called you 'husband'. We are just playing. I had loads of fun with you. You made my day and put a smile on my face whenever you are around. When you're nowhere to be seen, I feel so sad and I miss you a lot. It's just a game, it's just too sudden. So should I trust you and let you get on with this? Or should I just let go of all this?

But maybe you are the one. Maybe you are the person that I have been seeking for for so long; I wish to love, to share, and to be with someone that I sincerely care for and that person cares for me too. So, are you the one? Would you care to grant my wish for me?

For some reason though, I am scared to express my true feelings for you, as I am confused myself. I am also afraid that you will not like to listen to me if I tell you the truth... And even though you don't like me for that, its okay. Because I'm happy that we can meet each other in this life. All I want for Christmas is for you to stay, and don't you ever leave me behind.

The photos above are from my flickr photostream and the teenage crime.

This Holiday Season

I'm definitely looking forward to this year's holidays and semester breaks. I need to start planning and preparing for next year's assignments and school work and come up with a new resolution =) Otherwise I will be playing Maple, taking pictures and go on a vacation. I do hope that this holiday turns well for me...

All the pictures above are of my own collection, either published on my flickr photostream or it isn't.

26 October, 2012

Too much of horror to be Taken in

I've watched 2 movies last Friday; yeah it has been a week already till I post about it now as I was extremely busy and life is trying to crush me with all the hectic and problems. And as I was saying, the movies are: Taken 2 and Sinister.

I have spent the whole day at the mall from noon until seven thirty at night, and I must say I did have a blast in the theatres. Taken 2 impresses me with the thoughts of having Bryan to introduce very unique but using the most classical ways to figure things out even in the toughest situation he could possibly get into, and with those survival tips. It's just goddamn awesome.

And as for Sinister, it sure is hell of a movie to show those gruesome sights and techniques to murder people. Sinister has to be the first horror movie that truly scare the living hell out of me. I remembered watching it with such fright that I closed my eyes when I have a feeling that the next sight is going to be horrific and gross. I didn't even bother listening to the sounds. I guess I was too scared, and reminding myself about the scenes is like torturing myself. Otherwise, I find Ethan Hawke is extremely hot.

04 October, 2012

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil - Review

When I was young, I used to watch one of my siblings playing this game. Gosh there's so many places and stages and I couldn't even recall which one was which and which level I should be mentioning about when I needed to. When I grew older and become supposedly 'wiser', only then things started to make sense to me and I am able to catch up with the exact story line of the game. There are 6 levels/stages in this game, each of them are located in different places. Mind you, I really love all of them, every place looks so beautiful and idyllic! It becomes even more bizarre when these places are being infested by evil and selfish creatures.

The main character, Joshua Fireseed has to fight off all the bad guys in every level and complete his mission in order to proceed with the next one and ultimately, he will face the main antagonist, Primagen. In order to survive and to carry on with the game, gamers will also have to look for weapons, ammo, talismans and health restores which are all over the place in every level. To make it more realistic and terrifying, each level has their own theme songs, and I have to admire the composers, Darren Mitchell and Alberto Jose Gonzalez for the awesome and catchy musics. And kudos to the game creators for successfully making such an awesome game and giving us, the gamers and even viewers the opportunity to go through such thrilling gaming experience.

One of the things that I really love about this game is that the figures in certain part of the game are giving a deep and mysterious impression to the gamers and viewers, such as the things mentioned by the servants of the Oblivions as Turok faces them after he entered the fake portal in the first level. It's fun for me to decipher what the creatures are trying to say at times, as I'm attracted to their attitude and the nature of their kind in the game, and so I'm eager to find out what the creatures were trying to say to Joshua because I believe that these words hold clues to the future.

I happened to come across one of the gamers' site on YouTube and I have been a fan of his for playing the game with such amazing talents and tactics. MKTUROK117 is one of the best Turok 2: Seeds of Evil players I've seen so far; sometimes I saw him using a sniper's technique to hunt down the creatures, and most of the killings turned out to be successful. He also used the method of combining 2 weapons to kill a creature. He usually uses the charge dart rifle (a weapon which has the ability to electrocute a monster) and razor wind (having the similar usage and technique as of a boomerang) to kill any monster, depending on the strength of the creature as well. It all turned out well, and MKTUROK117 never failed to kill any creature when he uses this method. According to one of his written comments on one of his videos on YouTube, he actually trained his gaming skills by playing the game before he records and uploads his videos on YouTube. I will respect him for having the patience and initiative to practice playing the game just to record the best video for all of us to see and refer.
An epic video by MKTUROK117, featuring the last level/stage of the game, and he was battling with the Flesh Eaters, the servants of the Oblivion. MKTUROK117 was using the charge dart rifle according to the weapon in the screenshot.
So here's a video by MKTUROK117 himself, and apparently it features my favorite level/stage in the whole Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Do enjoy.
For more info on the game itself, please visit Turok Wiki - Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.

27 September, 2012

The Sky and I

The sky and I; I guess we have a lot in common.
At first I thought I was the only one who felt down after going through a lot and getting very busy... But then...
It started raining very heavily since last Sunday, the day when everything started to go upside down.
I didn't pay much attention to the weather's pattern and behaviour, and it was only yesterday when it all became so clear in my mind; that the both of us are feeling the same feelings and going through the same emotion at the same moment.
Is this just a coincidence? Am I thinking too much?
Perhaps... Perhaps I'm just lonely, and so I'm trying to look for something that is in the same condition as mine...
I started to notice the specific time for the rain to come down and make everything on this planet to become wet;
The rain fell with such immense strength ever since that morning before I had started to realise that I am no longer important... to anyone else...
And together we cried, the sky and I, through these days of hardships and moments of great disappointment.
Maybe it's just a mere coincidence that the rain is falling since the first day when I truly feel so broken;
But then it's just something that I feel happy about when I think this is true,
And it's only because that the rain make me feel less alone than I have ever felt before;
It is willing to cry with me, washing away all these painful tears, the feeling that never did I have the chance to reveal out from inside of me.
Though it may just be a coincidence, it's presence really did lighten up my moods and clearing up everything ahead of me, showing me the right path, the right decision.

So thank you, sky, and rain, for being faithful and loyal, and for keeping me company through the whole week.
I know that looking up from above all the time, you feel sad and heart broken as you have been looking at us, the culprits who have been destroying this beautiful place called Earth.
We, the guilty ones,
Could not see the after effects of our actions, and it is so unfair that instead of us,
You will be the one to witness the process of Earth carrying out its own destruction.
I feel sorry for you, and I hope that someday, you can share your feelings with me, just like the way you let me share mine with yours...
Because I love you, and I just hope that I can repay your kindness.

The pictures above are of my own collection.

17 September, 2012

Cardcaptor Sakura

Hey-hey-hoo! This time I'm going to write about the best anime show that I watched, Cardcaptor Sakura. I'm truly inspired by the Clamp's creativity in making such amazing manga/anime about the adventures of Sakura Kinomoto as a cardcaptor. Being a cardcaptor, Sakura had to go through all kinds of obstacles and challenges just to get back all the cards that she had accidentally set off in the first episode. To me, Sakura is really lucky for being able to experience the life as a cardcaptor, as it is very interesting. And moreover, I longed to live just like those Japanese kids featured in the show, too; albeit that I'm not sure if it's the same for Japanese youngsters in real life.

Image credits to Fanpop!.

10 September, 2012

Howl's Moving Castle, the movie

Howl's Moving Castle is an extremely interesting movie that makes me rather curious about some of the things appeared or happening in the movie. Even so, the animators deserve all the praises from its viewers for being able to create such beautiful sceneries and graphics for the movie.
The movie talks about the journey an eighteen year old girl named Sophie who was apparently cursed by a witch and thus, she became very old as the effect of the curse. Then she met Howl again (after she bumped into him on her way to visit her sister), a beautiful and talented wizard who she shared all kinds of adventures and experiences with, along with Calcifer, the fire demon and Markl, a young wizard.

Japanese anime films have always succeeded in capturing its viewer's attention with their mythical legends and dreamy tales which bring wonders to people's thoughts. But How'ls Moving Castle is just extraordinary.

Images source from zerochan and listal.

23 August, 2012

The Amazing World of Gumball Watterson

I always love watching The Amazing World of Gumball. Unlike other cartoons, this show features real life incidents, but sometimes it just gets sort of ridiculous, but funny. Each episode is given a short title, like 'The Helmet' and 'The Secret', and I think it's cool that the creators used these kind of titles, it's just sort of a straight-to-the-point way of defining & expressing the overall episode. The fact that the creators combine realistic background views with cartoonic characters and objects is just brilliant. And I love the graphics and animations for having intense and various colours and combinations. So of course I'll recommend this show to everyone! =)

Image sources from the Boulder Media.

21 July, 2012

The Anthem

We all blog for a reason, that is to share what we see, what we love, and what we care about in our life. And now I'm here to share a song, a song that is too good to be true, too perfect for me, and you're lucky to see me blogging about it because sadly, this song is SO underrated that most people never heard of the song nor the one who made the song. The song is called The Anthem, and it is made by a German producer, Zedd. If you're an electro house music lover like me, you'll love this song. If you don't like it at all, well I'll just say that's too bad cause this kind of song is just rare and unique.

Zedd is a talented producer. I heard that he made remixes of other artists' songs, even Lady Gaga's! And apparently he's a friend of Rob Swire :) What a coincidence! Hope they'll be able to work together on a few singles someday and I'll get to listen to the results!

Images by Doug Wheller and Andrew at CubaGallery.

19 July, 2012

Dead Space: Martyr

What lay beneath hardly looked human anymore. The head was still there, but was now embedded in a curtain of flesh, some deformation of what had once been the shoulders. It was animate, moving slightly, what was left of its chest heaving up and down with rapid movements. The legs had atrophied and the arms had lengthened.The body had flattened and ribs and skin seemed to have spread out to create a winglike structure between the wrist and what was left of the ankle, like the body of a manta ray. It was an unhealthy morbid color. The eyes were sunken in and had a strange gleam to them.

"Professor Field, are you seeing this?" asked Hideki.

"What is it?" said Field.

"Oh my God," said one of the other two.

There was another cracking noise, and the body changed further, what was left of the face receding, becoming lost except for the eyes and the mouth, which was now little more than a hole. It split open at the end, dissolving there into a mass of tentacles or antennae now, almost insectoid. The hands and feet shriveled, and hooks of bone sprouted in their place. It made a shrieking sound and began to struggle.
-B.K. Evenson, Dead Space: Martyr

Dead Space: Martyr is seriously a sci-fi killer. It has an epic ending and i'm saying it is only because it is apocalyptic and that can actually make people feel paranoid and scared of what's coming next.

At first the book talks about how Michael Altman had discovered a strange gravity anomaly near the center of Chicxulub crater. The government and other organizations were starting to take an interest in this and decided to look for the source of the signal, which happens to be the Black Marker- a huge alien artifact which is believed to be a man-made object, left buried under hundreds or even thousands miles of rocks. It was proven that the Marker is a potentially dangerous object as Hendricks killed Dantec under the influence of hallucinations conjured by the Marker itself.

In the novel, nearly everyone started to worship the Black Marker for almost immediately after it was brought up from below as they were being influenced by it mentally, and then the scientists and everyone in the facility started to behave in abnormal ways; some stabbed the others and painted sets of weird symbols on walls with blood or shit, some attempted or committed suicides for almost no reason at all; people were having trouble sleeping and had headaches, and most of them had hallucinations seeing their dead lovers or family members who had been warning them about 'Convergence' and to stay away from the Marker.

And then it happened; a scientist had injected himself with some chemical substance for trying to keep his hallucination from disturbing his thoughts, and was then shot to death and transformed into one of those creatures. Soon, everyone except for a few, was infected and they were all almost impossible to be stopped. In the end, Michael sank the whole facility and the Black Marker deeper down the water to stop things from getting worse. But still, he didn't succeed in stopping the Marker from trying to wipe out the humanity, or preventing people from bringing it up to the surface again.

The image above is from my own flickr photostream.

09 July, 2012

9,000 Miles

It's 9,000 miles back to you.
I still feel like home is in your arms.
-9,000 Miles.

Any idea what is the title about?
It's about returning or coming home, the place where everyone can find peace and quiet in. Everyone misses their homes when they are far apart from where they used to be protected from the world outside. Whenever i think about home, i immediately find myself feeling warm in the inside.
Well, that's how i will define 'home' as, if you ask me. And not just me, almost everyone in the YouTube community understands and define it in the same way. The song 9,000 Miles can be found in the album In Silico from Pendulum. I instantly fell in love with the song when i first played the whole thing. It always gives me the spirit and confidence to face my days. And i admire Pendulum even more for being able to make such an awesome and unforgettable song. I will continue to support Pendulum and i will never forget Rob Swire's handsome face and his unique voice.

So here's the song (the music video is not the song's original video):

Photos credit to Rita.
Video credits to qleemaas.

08 July, 2012

So Good

I don't usually spend my time watching anime now, that was so three years ago. I literally lost the interest in catching up with those brand new Japanese anime, and if you ask me, the old ones are much more better. But when i do it now, when i did watch anime again, that's only because i was recommended by many of my friends and family to watch that movie or series, or i just switched the channels and found myself watching one. I must say, i didn't waste my time on them, i ENJOYED the movies. And if you're wondering what anime films i have been talking about, it's the best known Spirited Away, The Cat Returns and Ghost in the Shell series and films.

First thing you need to know about the movies is that they are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. And seriously, they worth the time.
Spirited Away and The Cat Returns are more of fantasy movies that feature dream-like sceneries, talking animals as characters and bizarre story lines but otherwise, i find them interesting. Ghost in the Shell talks about an era in the future that is ruled by cyborgs and advanced technology, and it's the film that i love the most cause i always love watching Major Kusanagi and Section 9 in action.

26 June, 2012

just another memory to be remembered

Have you watched Brave? I still can remember how intense I felt when I was watching it with my friends.

I literally felt so emotional when I came to know that Merida couldn't save her mother. My tears started to roll down my face involuntarily and we all admitted that we did cry =\ Other times we all laughed out loud in the theaters looking at the awkward and funny moments of Merida's mother as a bear. Merida (the red-haired girl on the poster above), for some reason, reminded me of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games =X

Oh, and last night I had Spanish dinner for the first time in my entire life! Caesar Salad and Virgin Mojito. It's a drink, a mocktail drink. It was absolutely delicious =9 and I wouldn't mind having it everyday~ Frankly, that was the best dinner I ever had.

Yesterday was a just lovely and wonderful day for me =)

16 June, 2012


It happened for countless times.
I don't know why it even happened,
don't know why it's happening again.
But now,
I HATE the fact that it's happening again.
Just blame myself,
I guess.
Because I'm the one who caused it to happen in the first place.

It's time-consuming,
it's childish and stupid,
and most importantly,
I'll be the one who gets hurt in the end,
every time when it ends.
Because I will never get what I hoped for,
and instead,
I will be laughed at.

07 June, 2012

An Eerie Night

I've never experienced such a weather in any other nights until tonight. Maybe I did but I can't remember it now. But I swear, tonight is a one of the most horrifying night.

Sharp wind, heavy rain, rattling windows behind the bars, thunder, flashing lights, and the situation in which you are expecting that there's going to be all sorts of disaster going on spontaneously. So let me ask you, will you be able to sleep through such a night, not knowing what's going on? Or you will still be alert, scared that anything might happen in a moment's time?

02 May, 2012


I watched the movie before. It has the most interesting story line I have ever known. It was about the repercussions of an action based on a young girl's false beliefs and memories, and the repercussions are that the dream of a pair of lovers living together and share a happy life can only be the figment of their imagination, and they failed to see each other again even during the last moments when they were still alive.

All movie screenshots are sourced from Screenmusings.

I'm a Maple freak

Notice that I recently did not write much in my blog, you should know that I'm playing Maple Story again. Playing it since 2006, it's one of the games that I played for so many years, for such a long time. Don't know when I will quit Mapling, but I prefer not to stop.

But do not worry. I promise I will post in here if I have time.

14 April, 2012

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

I just watched the music video of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics. The music is catchy and terrific. Annie Lennox looked SUPER HOT. I adore her orange short hair, it's very stylish. She still look gorgeous when she dressed up and looked like a man.

I love old music, mostly Synthpop and New Wave songs, but after a little while I realized that progressive rock isn't bad either.

I'm attracted to old music. But sometimes I feel odd for listening to 70's and 80's music and even love them. I'm eighteen now, and I wonder if it's normal for a teenager like me to love this kind of music when I'm supposed to listen to modern music (well I do listen to them too). But then I don't think that is wrong. After all, music is meant to be appreciated, and old songs are meant to be remembered for the joy they have brought to us. So I guess it's okay to have such interest.

Photos credits to Mikko Lagerstedt, Philip Orr and Herschel Pollard. The pictures look enchanting and very dreamy.

11 April, 2012

Moleskine Le Petit Prince pocket ruled notebook

I want the book ever since I first saw it. I looked for it in every bookstores in the town, but they didn't have it here. I searched for it in the West side of the country (since I live at the East).

I was so freaking happy when I got it at last. I bought it last December, and it was till now that I finally have the chance to share the joy of having this pretty notebook with you =)

I love Moleskine notebooks. Now that I have this notebook, I just couldn't put my hands away from it. It's so pretty and I never wanted to scribble anything inside the book!

Do check out more Moleskine products by clicking here.