26 October, 2012

Too much of horror to be Taken in

I've watched 2 movies last Friday; yeah it has been a week already till I post about it now as I was extremely busy and life is trying to crush me with all the hectic and problems. And as I was saying, the movies are: Taken 2 and Sinister.

I have spent the whole day at the mall from noon until seven thirty at night, and I must say I did have a blast in the theatres. Taken 2 impresses me with the thoughts of having Bryan to introduce very unique but using the most classical ways to figure things out even in the toughest situation he could possibly get into, and with those survival tips. It's just goddamn awesome.

And as for Sinister, it sure is hell of a movie to show those gruesome sights and techniques to murder people. Sinister has to be the first horror movie that truly scare the living hell out of me. I remembered watching it with such fright that I closed my eyes when I have a feeling that the next sight is going to be horrific and gross. I didn't even bother listening to the sounds. I guess I was too scared, and reminding myself about the scenes is like torturing myself. Otherwise, I find Ethan Hawke is extremely hot.

04 October, 2012

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil - Review

When I was young, I used to watch one of my siblings playing this game. Gosh there's so many places and stages and I couldn't even recall which one was which and which level I should be mentioning about when I needed to. When I grew older and become supposedly 'wiser', only then things started to make sense to me and I am able to catch up with the exact story line of the game. There are 6 levels/stages in this game, each of them are located in different places. Mind you, I really love all of them, every place looks so beautiful and idyllic! It becomes even more bizarre when these places are being infested by evil and selfish creatures.

The main character, Joshua Fireseed has to fight off all the bad guys in every level and complete his mission in order to proceed with the next one and ultimately, he will face the main antagonist, Primagen. In order to survive and to carry on with the game, gamers will also have to look for weapons, ammo, talismans and health restores which are all over the place in every level. To make it more realistic and terrifying, each level has their own theme songs, and I have to admire the composers, Darren Mitchell and Alberto Jose Gonzalez for the awesome and catchy musics. And kudos to the game creators for successfully making such an awesome game and giving us, the gamers and even viewers the opportunity to go through such thrilling gaming experience.

One of the things that I really love about this game is that the figures in certain part of the game are giving a deep and mysterious impression to the gamers and viewers, such as the things mentioned by the servants of the Oblivions as Turok faces them after he entered the fake portal in the first level. It's fun for me to decipher what the creatures are trying to say at times, as I'm attracted to their attitude and the nature of their kind in the game, and so I'm eager to find out what the creatures were trying to say to Joshua because I believe that these words hold clues to the future.

I happened to come across one of the gamers' site on YouTube and I have been a fan of his for playing the game with such amazing talents and tactics. MKTUROK117 is one of the best Turok 2: Seeds of Evil players I've seen so far; sometimes I saw him using a sniper's technique to hunt down the creatures, and most of the killings turned out to be successful. He also used the method of combining 2 weapons to kill a creature. He usually uses the charge dart rifle (a weapon which has the ability to electrocute a monster) and razor wind (having the similar usage and technique as of a boomerang) to kill any monster, depending on the strength of the creature as well. It all turned out well, and MKTUROK117 never failed to kill any creature when he uses this method. According to one of his written comments on one of his videos on YouTube, he actually trained his gaming skills by playing the game before he records and uploads his videos on YouTube. I will respect him for having the patience and initiative to practice playing the game just to record the best video for all of us to see and refer.
An epic video by MKTUROK117, featuring the last level/stage of the game, and he was battling with the Flesh Eaters, the servants of the Oblivion. MKTUROK117 was using the charge dart rifle according to the weapon in the screenshot.
So here's a video by MKTUROK117 himself, and apparently it features my favorite level/stage in the whole Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. Do enjoy.
For more info on the game itself, please visit Turok Wiki - Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.