01 January, 2012

Thirteen Reasons Why

"Out of sight
Out of mind
Out of time
To decide

Do we run?
Should I hide?
For the rest
Of my life

Can we fly?
Do I stay?
We could lose
We could fail

In the moment
It takes
To make plans
Or mistakes..."
-30 Minutes, by t.A.T.u
So thank you, Justin. Sincerely. My very first kiss was wonderful. And for the month or so that we lasted, and everywhere that we went, the kisses were wonderful. You were wonderful.

Thirteen Reasons Why are one of the very few novels that I truly enjoy reading. At times I even took the initiative to reread the whole story just for a better understanding of what exactly had happened to the main character, Hannah Baker. If you read the novel, you will find her explaining how thirteen events affected her life in different ways, eventually causing her to make the ultimate decision to kill herself. Betrayal, vengeance and ignorance are some of the factors.

So basically, the novel is trying to let the readers know and understand that one should think before taking an action, whether you're doing it on yourself or someone. Because what you did affects the others, just like what Hannah said in the novel.

Photos credits to Ólafur Kolbeinn, Mikko Lagerstedt and Julie V. These are some of the beautiful pictures that I came across while I was searching for photos at flickr to update my gallery. I think these pictures fit nicely with the novel, don't you think?