29 March, 2013

A Late Birthday Gift

I just got this from my eldest sister as a belated birthday gift. It just so happens that this beauty caught my eyes when we were both shopping at a bookstore. And it costs 6.49 MYR only!

28 March, 2013

Dead Man Down: Review

Twas' a couple of weeks ago when I watched it in the cinema. The plot was nice. I love the background scenes, as if they had been edited for alluring purposes. Otherwise, the killing concepts, the meeting of two revenge seekers who fell in love with each other, the vulgar languages they used in the film, and the tension in Victor when he killed someone that I thought I can understand, are more than I could ask for.

27 March, 2013

I am one lucky fella in this world.

I was sitting, eating, busy editing photos that I've lost track of everything that's important to me.
Life will never return to the past times. Once it's gone, it's gone. Yet I am still alive; I can breathe, smell, touch, hear, see, taste and feel things around me. I am lucky to be alive, to experience what can be experienced with. I am one lucky human, for being able to see the stars, clouds, and the beautiful day and night sky. I can listen to water drops, enjoying beautiful images and pictures.
For being given the opportunity to learn things, and I have always been fortunate to have the ability to think and to analyse problems, which is becoming my specialty. I can't complain; I should be so happy and relieved to be able to spend my life solving dilemmas and overcome many obstacles.
I am nineteen this year. I heard people complaining about how life is not treating them well. Well......
I used to be an outcast, a person that people hate. Or it was just me, always feeling bad about myself. Perhaps I am still a freak in everyone's eyes. But sometimes when I think about the simple aspects in my life that has been fulfilled and provided to me subconciously, I do feel that I have no reason to complain that my life is not how I wanted it to be. I had chances to control my own life, and I guess I made the wrong decisions. I went through a lot of things in life. I stood alone, and nobody reached for me. Because I kept everything to myself and never wanted to let them go.
But now, things have changed. My mindset has changed. I am a new person. I can now identify the things that I should and shouldn't worry about. I love my life. I am eternally grateful towards my mom and dad for giving me this life and for raising me up to have a proper and my ideal life. I am grateful for the little things around me that provide me with such a comfortable life, such as the wind, grass, trees, water, and so much more. Life is so wonderful, and beautiful.

26 March, 2013

Eyes vs. Cameras

Photography has always been a vague passion of mine. I cannot live without spending my days not taking pictures and edit the ones I took... Or living my life without enjoying some pictures that I consider as visually indulging. I love pictures. These ineffable and worthwhile memories can be easily kept in photographs which one " says a thousand words", they say.
Our eyes are also important in visualising pictures that we see, too. They say our eyes are the best cameras. They sure are. Compared to cameras, our eyes let us see pictures and scenes of the highest quality. But they are also involved in planting false images and thoughts in our mind, only if we let them. Nevertheless, our eyes bring happy memories and thoughts from the moment they generate scenes and situations that we like to see and enjoy.

24 March, 2013

Another chance to prove to myself

This is what I've been waiting for. This could be the last chance given to me to prove to myself that I am worthy of getting what I dreamed of having. This, could be the time to inspire my own self to do what I never did before - working hard.

Funny, how I sounded so desperate in saying these stuffs. That's because I never worked hard, and even if I were to blame myself for not putting much effort into what I do, there's no point in pointing fingers at each other, no time to regret.

It's time to make up to the past 3 years' time that I have lost and wasted. If only I can find something that can motivate me into constantly fighting for what I want... Perhaps something that was always insignificant to my eyes, my heart and my conscience when I am still living.