27 March, 2013

I am one lucky fella in this world.

I was sitting, eating, busy editing photos that I've lost track of everything that's important to me.
Life will never return to the past times. Once it's gone, it's gone. Yet I am still alive; I can breathe, smell, touch, hear, see, taste and feel things around me. I am lucky to be alive, to experience what can be experienced with. I am one lucky human, for being able to see the stars, clouds, and the beautiful day and night sky. I can listen to water drops, enjoying beautiful images and pictures.
For being given the opportunity to learn things, and I have always been fortunate to have the ability to think and to analyse problems, which is becoming my specialty. I can't complain; I should be so happy and relieved to be able to spend my life solving dilemmas and overcome many obstacles.
I am nineteen this year. I heard people complaining about how life is not treating them well. Well......
I used to be an outcast, a person that people hate. Or it was just me, always feeling bad about myself. Perhaps I am still a freak in everyone's eyes. But sometimes when I think about the simple aspects in my life that has been fulfilled and provided to me subconciously, I do feel that I have no reason to complain that my life is not how I wanted it to be. I had chances to control my own life, and I guess I made the wrong decisions. I went through a lot of things in life. I stood alone, and nobody reached for me. Because I kept everything to myself and never wanted to let them go.
But now, things have changed. My mindset has changed. I am a new person. I can now identify the things that I should and shouldn't worry about. I love my life. I am eternally grateful towards my mom and dad for giving me this life and for raising me up to have a proper and my ideal life. I am grateful for the little things around me that provide me with such a comfortable life, such as the wind, grass, trees, water, and so much more. Life is so wonderful, and beautiful.

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