26 June, 2012

just another memory to be remembered

Have you watched Brave? I still can remember how intense I felt when I was watching it with my friends.

I literally felt so emotional when I came to know that Merida couldn't save her mother. My tears started to roll down my face involuntarily and we all admitted that we did cry =\ Other times we all laughed out loud in the theaters looking at the awkward and funny moments of Merida's mother as a bear. Merida (the red-haired girl on the poster above), for some reason, reminded me of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games =X

Oh, and last night I had Spanish dinner for the first time in my entire life! Caesar Salad and Virgin Mojito. It's a drink, a mocktail drink. It was absolutely delicious =9 and I wouldn't mind having it everyday~ Frankly, that was the best dinner I ever had.

Yesterday was a just lovely and wonderful day for me =)

16 June, 2012


It happened for countless times.
I don't know why it even happened,
don't know why it's happening again.
But now,
I HATE the fact that it's happening again.
Just blame myself,
I guess.
Because I'm the one who caused it to happen in the first place.

It's time-consuming,
it's childish and stupid,
and most importantly,
I'll be the one who gets hurt in the end,
every time when it ends.
Because I will never get what I hoped for,
and instead,
I will be laughed at.

07 June, 2012

An Eerie Night

I've never experienced such a weather in any other nights until tonight. Maybe I did but I can't remember it now. But I swear, tonight is a one of the most horrifying night.

Sharp wind, heavy rain, rattling windows behind the bars, thunder, flashing lights, and the situation in which you are expecting that there's going to be all sorts of disaster going on spontaneously. So let me ask you, will you be able to sleep through such a night, not knowing what's going on? Or you will still be alert, scared that anything might happen in a moment's time?