27 January, 2013

I Made a Mistake

One can never take control of other's life, criticise their way of living, and judge them for who they are. No one has the right to do it. We are given a life as an opportunity to prove ourselves that we can do what we want to do. As long as we have the courage and capability of doing these things we dreamed to achieve, and nobody's hurt or forced, then it's okay. It's alright after all. Being brave conquers it all. Being brave makes you stronger.

The problem is whether what we do can affect people's life, influencing the influenced. But bear in mind that each individual was born with a brain to think, and we have been listening to the same advices and scoldings throughout our lives. "Don't do this" "Don't do that", and other orders. All these are important aspects that will shape up our consciences, and that is why everyone has different opinions about whether things are right or wrong.

But then, there's no right or wrong in doing anything. Senses will only come to you when you think what you're doing or what you did is wrong. But before that, no one can ever be right in correcting you. There's nothing wrong with being yourself. Be proud of yourself, that's all I ask. You can be a robber, or a bully, and I feel sorry for you for being called like that. People can call you whatever they like, but does it matter? So what? It may not be true. I'm sorry to say this, but only people that are ugly from the inside do that. They hurt people as a way to make themselves happy, to be proud of themselves.

All these things make me start thinking; why did I care what people think of me in the first place? Because they're not all that good themselves either. But, am I right in concluding it this way?