12 May, 2013

Not Going So Well

Dear blog, how's it going? And most importantly, how's life as my loyal and faithful punching bag? Lately my life's full of ups and downs, and that's bad news for you cuz you're gonna suffer more as a place for me to pour in all my anger and pain. Sorry I still need time to manage my anger. I hope you'll understand.
But sometimes, I really don't understand why people always behave in a rough manner towards me. I am a living soul, not much of a popular pretty bitch but, I am ALIVE. I'm born to have feelings, reactions towards people's actions on me. So how is it that I can give no fucks about it?
Everybody's busy treating their own desires of living, very few could care less about other people. If I know this is true (which I already have), why the hell am I still expecting so much from them? I need answers, but I couldn't. Because nobody knows why too. Some of them don't even know there's such a problem I think. So how am I supposed to move on, when the future will just be the same, serving my everyday life with the same dilemma and pressure?

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