09 May, 2013

Listen to me.

There was one dark lonesome night when I began to listen to Lizzy;
That one night where she triggered a new change in my life.
Perhaps it is a new form of inspiration that changes the way I will do things,
And it could be a vital piece of puzzle that might actually enhance my image-illustrated life,
Of which I have searched for, longed for so long.

She told me,
That there are so many ways to put an end to things,
Yet our thoughts and mind were disfigured by the worst,
And we have fallen,
When we could have easily rose up from problems in life, literally.

She always hope for the new, the unexpected;
Which most of us are afraid of.
We thought it is a mistake for it to be left around us,
And we often see it as a threat, something dangerous,
But yet it is something that marks the beginning of change.

It was proposed, but yet and always, it was being denied.
We dream so big, so confidently,
But those made-believe figments, which could come true only if we let them to,
Are being made as our enemies.
Our future, but a fate that will be destroyed by us, and only us.

It used to be our destiny, but we ruined it.
Lizzy told me that her case was different,
Although she never really elaborate.
I wonder if she was embarrassed,
Or she thinks that it could affect me?

The photo above was taken by yours truly.

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