04 May, 2013

Question of the Day

"Life is a living hell," anonymous described. The lucky ones disagreed. Then the 'pessimistic and ungrateful' one pointed out the fact that "You are not living my life. You don't understand what I've been through." Then the argument began to lengthen to a certain extend, of which could have only been concluded in one way; but a conclusion that could be of different possibilities. But the point is; to whom do you agree with? The optimistic one, or the supposedly 'ingrate'?

The thing that I assumed everyone should know is that to not be pressurised by the outcomes of life. No matter how your life turns out to be, it's all about whether you can understand life is only a Quest for all living things. You did your part in many things, so isn't that what matters? Sometimes I wonder why are people fighting so hard all the time, at the end of it they feel so useless when they failed to accomplish some things, like getting good grades in schools, or finding a truly long-life partner. This non-logical belief is driving everybody crazy, making people to adopt unnecessary or self-created feelings of insecurity and depression.

Do you ask yourself all these questions? Do you think about them? If you have been having all these thoughts, how do you understand them?

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