20 May, 2013

The Plight

As much as I hate to admit it, Dead Space 3: The Awakened's ending really bugged me and threw me amidst wonders and suspense. To me, the Moons are rather clueless about their future and the importance of controlling their temptation, as if invading Earth and bringing out necromorphs to eat humans CAN REALLY make them succeed in creating new "brothers" which will be with them forever. Well, the writers didn't really mention on this part. But no matter what happens, I hope Isaac and Carver are still alive and come up with ideas to stop that problem in hand.

The main focus of this article though, is to talk about the short term disagreements and dilemma that had occurred between Isaac and John Carver - one of the saddest sights to be seen in the series. In Dead Space: Liberation, the story was ended with John being acknowledged by Robert Norton that Isaac is able to translate the Marker's Language the way Damara does before she died. John met Isaac in the beginning of Dead Space 3, when he and Norton went up to Isaac's apartment to ask for Isaac's assistance in saving Ellie.

After a series of events such as the unwillingness of killing Norton and abandoning Ellie, and the fact that John was there with Isaac when they happened, till the very end John teamed up with Isaac to stop Danik from deactivating the machine that has been helping to stop Convergence, I must say the relationship between the two is getting closer, despite the quick build-up of their friendship in such a short period of time yet strengthened by such few but major events in the game. They looked out for one another, and occasionally comforted each other in memory of losing their loved ones and their fears. The close friendship between them is ought to be appreciated and be made visible such that it inspires people to really start appreciating the goodness in "strangers" towards them.

The fight between them is by far the most saddening event that can happen in the game. It was during the events in Dead Space 3: The Awakened when it happened; Isaac was mentally influenced by the Moons' intention of finding Earth and convert Earthlings to necromorphs which apparently are the "materials" to create their new brothers. And they fought, because John wanted to return to Earth and warn the people, which happens to be what Isaac is afraid of as he does not want them to let the Moons to find out the location of the Earth with Ellie being on Earth. The fought lasted for a short while and honestly I must say that I really thought they will finish each other off if time permits that to happen. And if that happens, the Moon is to be blamed.

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