21 July, 2012

The Anthem

We all blog for a reason, that is to share what we see, what we love, and what we care about in our life. And now I'm here to share a song, a song that is too good to be true, too perfect for me, and you're lucky to see me blogging about it because sadly, this song is SO underrated that most people never heard of the song nor the one who made the song. The song is called The Anthem, and it is made by a German producer, Zedd. If you're an electro house music lover like me, you'll love this song. If you don't like it at all, well I'll just say that's too bad cause this kind of song is just rare and unique.

Zedd is a talented producer. I heard that he made remixes of other artists' songs, even Lady Gaga's! And apparently he's a friend of Rob Swire :) What a coincidence! Hope they'll be able to work together on a few singles someday and I'll get to listen to the results!

Images by Doug Wheller and Andrew at CubaGallery.

19 July, 2012

Dead Space: Martyr

What lay beneath hardly looked human anymore. The head was still there, but was now embedded in a curtain of flesh, some deformation of what had once been the shoulders. It was animate, moving slightly, what was left of its chest heaving up and down with rapid movements. The legs had atrophied and the arms had lengthened.The body had flattened and ribs and skin seemed to have spread out to create a winglike structure between the wrist and what was left of the ankle, like the body of a manta ray. It was an unhealthy morbid color. The eyes were sunken in and had a strange gleam to them.

"Professor Field, are you seeing this?" asked Hideki.

"What is it?" said Field.

"Oh my God," said one of the other two.

There was another cracking noise, and the body changed further, what was left of the face receding, becoming lost except for the eyes and the mouth, which was now little more than a hole. It split open at the end, dissolving there into a mass of tentacles or antennae now, almost insectoid. The hands and feet shriveled, and hooks of bone sprouted in their place. It made a shrieking sound and began to struggle.
-B.K. Evenson, Dead Space: Martyr

Dead Space: Martyr is seriously a sci-fi killer. It has an epic ending and i'm saying it is only because it is apocalyptic and that can actually make people feel paranoid and scared of what's coming next.

At first the book talks about how Michael Altman had discovered a strange gravity anomaly near the center of Chicxulub crater. The government and other organizations were starting to take an interest in this and decided to look for the source of the signal, which happens to be the Black Marker- a huge alien artifact which is believed to be a man-made object, left buried under hundreds or even thousands miles of rocks. It was proven that the Marker is a potentially dangerous object as Hendricks killed Dantec under the influence of hallucinations conjured by the Marker itself.

In the novel, nearly everyone started to worship the Black Marker for almost immediately after it was brought up from below as they were being influenced by it mentally, and then the scientists and everyone in the facility started to behave in abnormal ways; some stabbed the others and painted sets of weird symbols on walls with blood or shit, some attempted or committed suicides for almost no reason at all; people were having trouble sleeping and had headaches, and most of them had hallucinations seeing their dead lovers or family members who had been warning them about 'Convergence' and to stay away from the Marker.

And then it happened; a scientist had injected himself with some chemical substance for trying to keep his hallucination from disturbing his thoughts, and was then shot to death and transformed into one of those creatures. Soon, everyone except for a few, was infected and they were all almost impossible to be stopped. In the end, Michael sank the whole facility and the Black Marker deeper down the water to stop things from getting worse. But still, he didn't succeed in stopping the Marker from trying to wipe out the humanity, or preventing people from bringing it up to the surface again.

The image above is from my own flickr photostream.

09 July, 2012

9,000 Miles

It's 9,000 miles back to you.
I still feel like home is in your arms.
-9,000 Miles.

Any idea what is the title about?
It's about returning or coming home, the place where everyone can find peace and quiet in. Everyone misses their homes when they are far apart from where they used to be protected from the world outside. Whenever i think about home, i immediately find myself feeling warm in the inside.
Well, that's how i will define 'home' as, if you ask me. And not just me, almost everyone in the YouTube community understands and define it in the same way. The song 9,000 Miles can be found in the album In Silico from Pendulum. I instantly fell in love with the song when i first played the whole thing. It always gives me the spirit and confidence to face my days. And i admire Pendulum even more for being able to make such an awesome and unforgettable song. I will continue to support Pendulum and i will never forget Rob Swire's handsome face and his unique voice.

So here's the song (the music video is not the song's original video):

Photos credit to Rita.
Video credits to qleemaas.

08 July, 2012

So Good

I don't usually spend my time watching anime now, that was so three years ago. I literally lost the interest in catching up with those brand new Japanese anime, and if you ask me, the old ones are much more better. But when i do it now, when i did watch anime again, that's only because i was recommended by many of my friends and family to watch that movie or series, or i just switched the channels and found myself watching one. I must say, i didn't waste my time on them, i ENJOYED the movies. And if you're wondering what anime films i have been talking about, it's the best known Spirited Away, The Cat Returns and Ghost in the Shell series and films.

First thing you need to know about the movies is that they are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. And seriously, they worth the time.
Spirited Away and The Cat Returns are more of fantasy movies that feature dream-like sceneries, talking animals as characters and bizarre story lines but otherwise, i find them interesting. Ghost in the Shell talks about an era in the future that is ruled by cyborgs and advanced technology, and it's the film that i love the most cause i always love watching Major Kusanagi and Section 9 in action.