09 July, 2012

9,000 Miles

It's 9,000 miles back to you.
I still feel like home is in your arms.
-9,000 Miles.

Any idea what is the title about?
It's about returning or coming home, the place where everyone can find peace and quiet in. Everyone misses their homes when they are far apart from where they used to be protected from the world outside. Whenever i think about home, i immediately find myself feeling warm in the inside.
Well, that's how i will define 'home' as, if you ask me. And not just me, almost everyone in the YouTube community understands and define it in the same way. The song 9,000 Miles can be found in the album In Silico from Pendulum. I instantly fell in love with the song when i first played the whole thing. It always gives me the spirit and confidence to face my days. And i admire Pendulum even more for being able to make such an awesome and unforgettable song. I will continue to support Pendulum and i will never forget Rob Swire's handsome face and his unique voice.

So here's the song (the music video is not the song's original video):

Photos credit to Rita.
Video credits to qleemaas.

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