21 July, 2012

The Anthem

We all blog for a reason, that is to share what we see, what we love, and what we care about in our life. And now I'm here to share a song, a song that is too good to be true, too perfect for me, and you're lucky to see me blogging about it because sadly, this song is SO underrated that most people never heard of the song nor the one who made the song. The song is called The Anthem, and it is made by a German producer, Zedd. If you're an electro house music lover like me, you'll love this song. If you don't like it at all, well I'll just say that's too bad cause this kind of song is just rare and unique.

Zedd is a talented producer. I heard that he made remixes of other artists' songs, even Lady Gaga's! And apparently he's a friend of Rob Swire :) What a coincidence! Hope they'll be able to work together on a few singles someday and I'll get to listen to the results!

Images by Doug Wheller and Andrew at CubaGallery.

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