08 July, 2012

So Good

I don't usually spend my time watching anime now, that was so three years ago. I literally lost the interest in catching up with those brand new Japanese anime, and if you ask me, the old ones are much more better. But when i do it now, when i did watch anime again, that's only because i was recommended by many of my friends and family to watch that movie or series, or i just switched the channels and found myself watching one. I must say, i didn't waste my time on them, i ENJOYED the movies. And if you're wondering what anime films i have been talking about, it's the best known Spirited Away, The Cat Returns and Ghost in the Shell series and films.

First thing you need to know about the movies is that they are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. And seriously, they worth the time.
Spirited Away and The Cat Returns are more of fantasy movies that feature dream-like sceneries, talking animals as characters and bizarre story lines but otherwise, i find them interesting. Ghost in the Shell talks about an era in the future that is ruled by cyborgs and advanced technology, and it's the film that i love the most cause i always love watching Major Kusanagi and Section 9 in action.

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