26 June, 2012

just another memory to be remembered

Have you watched Brave? I still can remember how intense I felt when I was watching it with my friends.

I literally felt so emotional when I came to know that Merida couldn't save her mother. My tears started to roll down my face involuntarily and we all admitted that we did cry =\ Other times we all laughed out loud in the theaters looking at the awkward and funny moments of Merida's mother as a bear. Merida (the red-haired girl on the poster above), for some reason, reminded me of Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games =X

Oh, and last night I had Spanish dinner for the first time in my entire life! Caesar Salad and Virgin Mojito. It's a drink, a mocktail drink. It was absolutely delicious =9 and I wouldn't mind having it everyday~ Frankly, that was the best dinner I ever had.

Yesterday was a just lovely and wonderful day for me =)

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