14 April, 2012

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

I just watched the music video of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics. The music is catchy and terrific. Annie Lennox looked SUPER HOT. I adore her orange short hair, it's very stylish. She still look gorgeous when she dressed up and looked like a man.

I love old music, mostly Synthpop and New Wave songs, but after a little while I realized that progressive rock isn't bad either.

I'm attracted to old music. But sometimes I feel odd for listening to 70's and 80's music and even love them. I'm eighteen now, and I wonder if it's normal for a teenager like me to love this kind of music when I'm supposed to listen to modern music (well I do listen to them too). But then I don't think that is wrong. After all, music is meant to be appreciated, and old songs are meant to be remembered for the joy they have brought to us. So I guess it's okay to have such interest.

Photos credits to Mikko Lagerstedt, Philip Orr and Herschel Pollard. The pictures look enchanting and very dreamy.

11 April, 2012

Moleskine Le Petit Prince pocket ruled notebook

I want the book ever since I first saw it. I looked for it in every bookstores in the town, but they didn't have it here. I searched for it in the West side of the country (since I live at the East).

I was so freaking happy when I got it at last. I bought it last December, and it was till now that I finally have the chance to share the joy of having this pretty notebook with you =)

I love Moleskine notebooks. Now that I have this notebook, I just couldn't put my hands away from it. It's so pretty and I never wanted to scribble anything inside the book!

Do check out more Moleskine products by clicking here.

08 April, 2012

New Life

I have been wasting my time, and I didn't realize that until now. When I look back now, I can tell you that I never knew how to appreciate the opportunities given to me. Chances are slipping away one by one and I have very little time to spare now.

This... has... to... stop. This whole insanity has to end right now.

I need to change. I should be focusing on taking care of the things that I have now. I have to look forward and forget about the past. From now on, I need to set my priorities right and stop living meaninglessly day by day. I'll start a new life from today on wards with a clear and positive mind, and I won't give up as long as I'm still alive.

Photo credits to Latyrx. I think they are very beautiful, and mainly they suit the title of this post.


I think too much, I guess. But I just couldn't put all these things aside. I'm trying to understand what is going on, thinking about the things I had done in the past, thinking whether I have chosen the right path after all. And often times I literally became scared, thinking about what I was doing all the time in my life, and assuring myself that I have not spend my entire life wisely.

And what will happen in the future? More specifically, how am I doing by those times? I wish someone can give me answers to all this, because when I live on, whenever I take the next step forward, I become so blur and confused.

Maybe I should be more independent and just trust myself.

06 April, 2012

Photography and me

Lately I have been so obsessed with taking pictures and creating new and indulging photographs as if photography is my brand new hobby or a project that I work on. Inspired by many photographers that I have come to know through the Internet, I ponder on how to make my own photographs unique in their own ways, which is extremely onerous. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get myself a camera (hopefully soon enough) and start having a fun experience with it. I'm really excited in becoming a part-time photographer and share thoughts and viewpoints with the other fellow photographers.

All the photographs above are some of my works that i just recently uploaded into my flickr account.

05 April, 2012

Dead Space

I've been longing to get my hands on the Dead Space comic books and novels since last year. But due to the fact that I live at where everything is unavailable, I still don't have the books, let alone the video games. Although I'm not much of a comic book and science fiction book reader myself (not that I hate it either), I'm just thrilled by the horror that lies within the story line. And after I read through the plot of the first book, I thought I really need to have those comic books and novels.

Here's a trailer of the Dead Space Excavations, which I personally find it quite useful as a reference for a better understanding of the Dead Space story line.

Find out more in Dead Space.

Pictures credits to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

01 April, 2012

The Bodhi leaf

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I had spent two and a half months at camp since the beginning of this year. During one of my Buddhist learning sessions in the camp, I got this Bodhi leaf that has a unique feature from my Buddhist teacher. I thought of sharing these photos that I took of the Bodhi leaf with you.
You might think it's a handmade leaf, but even making the leaf seems impossible, don't you think?
This Bodhi leaf was naturally picked from its tree. According to my teacher, she immersed the leaf into water for a few weeks, until the lamina fell off. She then used a toothbrush to brush the leaf carefully, as it will tear off easily. As you can see, it's very delicate and fragile, but unique and can be used in any way, such as a bookmark or for decoration.