01 April, 2012

The Bodhi leaf

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I had spent two and a half months at camp since the beginning of this year. During one of my Buddhist learning sessions in the camp, I got this Bodhi leaf that has a unique feature from my Buddhist teacher. I thought of sharing these photos that I took of the Bodhi leaf with you.
You might think it's a handmade leaf, but even making the leaf seems impossible, don't you think?
This Bodhi leaf was naturally picked from its tree. According to my teacher, she immersed the leaf into water for a few weeks, until the lamina fell off. She then used a toothbrush to brush the leaf carefully, as it will tear off easily. As you can see, it's very delicate and fragile, but unique and can be used in any way, such as a bookmark or for decoration.

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