31 March, 2012

What happened?

Wow, it's been a long time since I write in here. I'm sorry for doing so as I was trapped in camp for the past two and a half months, getting busy with training and roll calls. Thank god it finally ended. But I'm not going to waste my time talking about this, I'm going to update you and this blog with the latest movie that I just watched - The Hunger Games.

I went to watch that movie yesterday. It was good. Super-thrilling and exciting. My friend introduced me to this movie at first, and I thought I might find it interesting.

The film at first features the life of a family and the people that live in poverty. Then there comes the selection of two representatives from each district in Panem that will take part in the Hunger Games. The following are the parts in the film that I find intriguing:

one - Katniss replaced her younger sister, Primrose, in taking part in the Hunger Games. I guess that's what every elder sister would have done for their younger sisters. I shall respect Katniss for that.

two - So everyone thought Peeta Mellark was weak and that he won't survive in the game, and the other competitors look at him as if he was the prey. But their impression towards him changed as soon as they witnessed him lifting the heavy weight and threw it without any obstruction, to everybody's surprise.

three - Katniss shot an arrow at Seneca Crane's apple just to get the judges' attention, as she was pissed that they were not paying attention when she was taking the test. Again, kudos to Katniss!

four - The competitors killed each other, fighting; men were killing women with the most cruel methods just to obtain the weapons and surviving kits, in order to defend themselves so they can remain alive. Similarly, people nowadays betray and cheat one another, without shame, just for money and their own benefits.

and five - Rue was Katniss' alliance, and they have developed a closer relationship after some time, as if they are no longer enemies to each other but a pair of biological sisters. Rue was then killed by Marvel, and her death strongly affected Katniss.

The Hunger Games are like those reality competition that broadcasted in televisions (like The Amazing Race, Wipeout, The American Idol etc.). But the difference is that the lives of the competitors that participated in the Hunger Games are not spared and they were not shown mercy by the creator of the game. Instead, they are to fight among themselves, kill if they have to, until the very end. Consequently, they are either dead or alive.

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