31 August, 2017

Lolita (1997)

All of the photos above are screenshots taken by me from the movie, Lolita.

Lolita... Funny that it's categorised as a literature novel, but as it's the second literature work made into movies or films that I ever came across (with the first being The Signature of All Things), it seems to me that the literature novels are capable of being more erotic than the series of Fifty Shades of Grey. My God, Lolita's too much for me, yet I can totally relate to it.

It hurts to know you're the second or the third in the eyes of someone you love; if you're to be ranked along with the other two for something. The pedophile and protagonist of this movie, Humbert, happens to be the second or third in Dolores' eyes, who was his victim and his very favourite person. Dolores was Lolita, and he gave her the name Lolita.

I didn't read the novel so I might not accurately interpret and give the best analysis about the story, but I could only interpret the story based on the movie made in 1997. In my eyes, Lolita is the walking definition of some of the women of the horoscope of Leo - who can be misogynistic, needy of the attention of the opposite sex, stubborn, dramatic, yet any potentials and great contributions to the humanity that thet could achieve in life left unbeknownst to them. They can easily be taken advantage of and get carried away in their lives without their consent or knowledge as to what is actually happening; which is very sad to see; such as in the movie, as Lolita got pregnant towards the end in the movie at such a young age as she constantly let her fate lie in the hands of those who are untrustworthy like Humbert - who, in his selfish ways, did not let Lolita enjoy her adolescent life and I daresay he was mostly responsible for what had happened to Lolita. But then again, if Lolita did not subject herself into a life that made her commit sins such as incest, manipulation of the minds of men and using her femininity to get what she wants, she would had been safe and rid herself from all this trouble.

I could still say that Lolita is rather unlucky to have met Humbert, as she filled a void in his life that was created ever since he was a teenager. Everyone of us has our own downfalls in life, and we all have things which could drive us from our true purposes in life. But we can never run away from our own fates; just like Humbert who was, in a way, traumatised by the death of his first love, and he had to live in the shadows of those traumatic moments in his life as his dreams were crushed. He developed into being hebephilic and he created his own fate; by having attraction towards young girls and experienced problems in his life because of that. Eventually, he had of course felt remorse for what he had done to Lolita and failed to provide her with the freedom and love that she deserves even though she's not perfect as a person; as we could at least let someone we love be happy.

I think it's a great movie which invoked many different kinds of feelings in me. The ending's too sad to bear, and I feel that even though they're not perfect for each other; Humbert truly loved Lolita, and Lolita truly loved him in her own ways. It's a beautiful movie and I recommend everyone to watch it. But be warned; the movie is not for everyone haha.

26 August, 2017

When a Stranger Calls

Photo taken and edited by me on 17th of November, 2014.

Finals are coming soon, and after spending so much time studying and making notes, I've got to let myself relax and enjoy a little reward, right? Right?

That was when I found myself watching the movie When a Stranger Calls again.

I watched the one made in 2006, which starred Camilla Belle, who was gorgeous in that movie. When I first watched the movie, which was like eight years ago, I fell in love with it ever since then. I'm pretty sure it's quite underrated, but it was really, really good.

There's so many things I love about the movie. One thing being the thrilling storyline which I cannot get away from. The story becomes more intense as time flows by, as the identity of the antagonist comes to light towards the end of the film. And although I do not know what were the intentions of the antagonist, I do know that he played his role very well.

And God, the settings in the movie are absolutely amazing, and I said this mainly due to the house at where the main character, Jill (played by Camilla Belle), did her babysitting. Yes, the Mandrakis' house, or should I call mansion, is too beautiful to be described in words - although it may seem too good to be true. But I guess some people are just that wealthy. It's a house I could ever wish for (lol).

Though the story started going very slow in the beginning, it did fasten up its pace and developed into a very horrifying ending with Jill ended up on a hospital bed and traumatised from what she went through during the night of babysitting the Mandrakis' kids. And I really love the way the movie showcased the life of high schoolers in USA, which may be rather typical yet amusing, especially for someone like me who never went to a bonfire before.

22 August, 2017

Sunny [써니] and A Letter to Momo

Hey all! I'm back again with two movies to share with all of you.

So these past two days I have watched two movies per day. The first one I watched on Sunday is called Sunny, which is a South-Korean film made in 2011. I normally do not watch Korean films and this is one of the first few that I ever watched. It was suggested to me online and I just happened to click the link and then I watched the whole movie. I have to say it was great and super good :)

It feels good to watch a movie about a clique of seven girls at a Korean high school, who were rather materialistic, fashionable (in my opinion) and having a wide range of personalities from one teenage girl to another. The film partially played back in time as the main character called Na-mi reminisced on her high school life at a new school which she transferred to, and how she started to get together with a group of girls to highlight her high school life with awesome memories with the group of people. Watching this movie just made me sad about my high school life, because mine is quite dull and not happy as hers :( haha oh well...

Now on to the next movie called A Letter to Momo; which I am quite excited to share here with you all. This movie features the main character called Momo, who moved to a small town with her mother and left Tokyo, where she and her family used to live at. Her father passed away before she came to the town. She arrived the town called Seto Inland Sea by ferry, and while riding on the sea, she had an incomplete letter which was addressed to her by her father. She had an argument with her dad before he passed away, and in his drawer is where she found the unfinished letter written "Dear Momo".

She has wondered what her father actually wanted to tell her in the letter. Her life at the small town became a little more interesting as three goblins from the sky fell onto her as droplets and that was how she can see them while the others can't (except for a boy's younger sister) since they accidentally touched her when they fell from the sky. As she interacted with them later on and still adapting to her new life at the town, she faced some situations which made her closer to the goblins, her mother as well as the boy named Yota who has a younger sister.

Though the movie might not intend to be a tear-inducing one, I actually became really emotional towards the end of the movie as she became closer to her mother and they learned to cope with the loss of a husband and a father together, which to me is really powerful. And what I really love about this movie, apart from its touching, stand alone  storyline and beautiful animation and sceneries, is its individuality and uniqueness; it's not to say that any other Japanese movies like Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away are not, but this movie simply has a very unique touch to it which I really adore up close to my heart.

To finish up this blog, I have included five pictures from the movie which are very picturesque and artistic in my opinion, all of which come from the movie. 

All of the pictures above are screenshots from the movie A Letter to Momo, which were taken by me.

05 August, 2017

Hedgehog, Games and More

Hey everyone! I'm back because I decide to continue to do blogging. With the amount of workload and stress that I'm going through, it will be nice to make some blog posts every once in a while. So, my decision was made, and I want to focus on this blog; not only because of the reason of de-stressing, but it's also because I want to relive my passion of blogging and talking about things like I used to do. Of course the content will be different, but blogging is just a reminder to me of how it can be fun and fulfilling.

I have been with a hedgehog for about a year already, and I'm learning a lot about them. Hedgehogs are going to be my favourite pet as of now, and if I were to ever own a pet I would buy a hedgehog. They're just adorable and cute, not to mention full of surprises and mystery. And I also have been playing two games, one is called Fish Tycoon, which is very common but I only started to learn how to get a lot more out of this game when playing it. Another game is called Papa's Pancakeria, and it's about helping to operate a pancake house, making pancakes, toasts and waffles and serve them to customers. You guys should definitely try this game :)

Seriously, typing all this reminds me of how I used to get so much enjoyment from blogging. I guess it's not to late to start again now, and I hope to make more out of doing this.