02 May, 2012


I watched the movie before. It has the most interesting story line I have ever known. It was about the repercussions of an action based on a young girl's false beliefs and memories, and the repercussions are that the dream of a pair of lovers living together and share a happy life can only be the figment of their imagination, and they failed to see each other again even during the last moments when they were still alive.

All movie screenshots are sourced from Screenmusings.

I'm a Maple freak

Notice that I recently did not write much in my blog, you should know that I'm playing Maple Story again. Playing it since 2006, it's one of the games that I played for so many years, for such a long time. Don't know when I will quit Mapling, but I prefer not to stop.

But do not worry. I promise I will post in here if I have time.