23 September, 2013

Diving into the World of Philosophy

"They say that people despise those who think similarly to them, or who are in similar circumstances. But humans are curious in that they can hide any outward appearance of goodwill or hatred. Though they are two-faced deep down, they can make that idea seem unthinkable. You may despise someone much like you, but you may in your heart have affection for them. The improbable is not impossible."
 - The Crooked Man, the video game.

I have been wondering why am I so interested in something nobody around me is interested in, and before this I didn't even know what's it called. But now I know; it's philosophy.

I have developed a unique passion in arguing and proposing my own reasons for everything that exists or happened. I love to hear ideas that were never been suggested in life. But the main reason to why I started liking and loving philosophy is because I love to think about things, as basically that's how philosophy roll.

Hopefully I can proceed in philosophical studies in the future; I wish by then that everyone will understand why is it unnecessary to hate and get angry over things.

08 September, 2013

Lady Gaga Lives for the Applause

It's been quite a while since the "Queen of Pop", Lady Gaga herself released any music. So recently she has done it again, but this time it's something really unique and different from her previous soundtracks.

Applause is truly a catchy, modern yet uncommon piece of art that literally makes me feel lively. It drives me into using my energy for a more positive and better purpose, making me become more productive.

But the most fascinating thing that I've found or realised about the music is that it seems to be a strong reminiscent of Lady Gaga's previous singles, e.g. Bad Romance and Alejandro. I was under the impression that she was honoured and touched by the support and love that she received from her adoring fans for what she had made in the past, i.e. her popular singles and hence she claimed that she "lives for the applause", which is why there were elements in the music video that were included as she thought they would inspire or making her feel inspired and prioritised. (I know this isn't exactly 100% accurate when compared to what her true intention were, but I am just so impressed as the music video is capable of being a good reminder of Lady Gaga's past works.)
 Lady Gaga in the two pictures above reminded me of her before she got famous with The Fame.

 These two pictures of Gaga reminded me of her singles from The Fame Monster; Bad Romance (the cage and the cauldron-like container) and Telephone (the blonde hairstyle/wig)

The black-and-white ambience and Lady Gaga's blonde and short hair reminded me of Alejandro.

All the pictures above are screenshots that I have taken.

04 September, 2013

Don't Judge Anybody

A photo taken by me last Sunday.
I wasn't born to be just like you.
I don't run as fast as the cheetahs. I don't live in water like the fish. I am not as small as the ants.
Yes, I am ME. The original me. I was born to be me, ME. I was not born to be you, to be her, to be as smart as Einstein. Do you see where this is going? I'm just saying that I was born to have abilities and potentials that are different from yours. Like anybody else in this world, I was born with disabilities as well. So why on Earth, is everybody, almost everyone, so used to condemn one another? The funny thing is, they don't do it in front of your face if you were the one that is being condemned. Why? Everybody is scared. We are all cowards. We tend to seek the pleasure of doing bad things, but we don't want to be punished for it. Two, we did it without consenting the victims of violence because we wouldn't give them one single damn chance to clarify themselves, or to prove that we are wrong. How do we get to be so selfish?
Blame the ancestors, some said. Or this high-tech era of globalisation, others would say. Really? You're gonna put the blame on these things? Why point fingers, when you can solve these problems like a real man? Why can't you take the blame, the way the victims of your deeds took the pressure of being one even though they don't deserve it? Stop running away, stop being such a chicken. Face your life, because it's now or never.
So next time, before you are so tempted to judge someone, just be prepared to face the consequences (karma, vengeance etc.) instead of being such cowards.