04 September, 2013

Don't Judge Anybody

A photo taken by me last Sunday.
I wasn't born to be just like you.
I don't run as fast as the cheetahs. I don't live in water like the fish. I am not as small as the ants.
Yes, I am ME. The original me. I was born to be me, ME. I was not born to be you, to be her, to be as smart as Einstein. Do you see where this is going? I'm just saying that I was born to have abilities and potentials that are different from yours. Like anybody else in this world, I was born with disabilities as well. So why on Earth, is everybody, almost everyone, so used to condemn one another? The funny thing is, they don't do it in front of your face if you were the one that is being condemned. Why? Everybody is scared. We are all cowards. We tend to seek the pleasure of doing bad things, but we don't want to be punished for it. Two, we did it without consenting the victims of violence because we wouldn't give them one single damn chance to clarify themselves, or to prove that we are wrong. How do we get to be so selfish?
Blame the ancestors, some said. Or this high-tech era of globalisation, others would say. Really? You're gonna put the blame on these things? Why point fingers, when you can solve these problems like a real man? Why can't you take the blame, the way the victims of your deeds took the pressure of being one even though they don't deserve it? Stop running away, stop being such a chicken. Face your life, because it's now or never.
So next time, before you are so tempted to judge someone, just be prepared to face the consequences (karma, vengeance etc.) instead of being such cowards.

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