23 September, 2013

Diving into the World of Philosophy

"They say that people despise those who think similarly to them, or who are in similar circumstances. But humans are curious in that they can hide any outward appearance of goodwill or hatred. Though they are two-faced deep down, they can make that idea seem unthinkable. You may despise someone much like you, but you may in your heart have affection for them. The improbable is not impossible."
 - The Crooked Man, the video game.

I have been wondering why am I so interested in something nobody around me is interested in, and before this I didn't even know what's it called. But now I know; it's philosophy.

I have developed a unique passion in arguing and proposing my own reasons for everything that exists or happened. I love to hear ideas that were never been suggested in life. But the main reason to why I started liking and loving philosophy is because I love to think about things, as basically that's how philosophy roll.

Hopefully I can proceed in philosophical studies in the future; I wish by then that everyone will understand why is it unnecessary to hate and get angry over things.

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