31 October, 2013

The Last Day./?

Everyone thinks he's a hero when he's not. Everyone likes him when some don't. When nobody questions about his plan for all of them, that's because they think he is the only one who could help them with a problem that shouldn't be a problem. When everybody agrees with you on something, it doesn't make that something a right thing to be done. It can only mean that there are people that actually see things eye-to-eye with you. They may be fooled by such forms of unity, and so are you because of your selfishness.
I never really liked Taylor Swift's songs from the moment Love Song was made to be heard on radio and TV. Then she definitely impressed my mind with Safe and Sound; and when someone I knew played I Knew You Were Trouble non-stop, I didn't pay any attention to it at first, until now.

She wrote so many songs, and I am not surprised that she never stop doing it as she seems to like it very much. I am attracted to some of her songs (the ones I have just mentioned) not due to the lyrics but the music style.

p.s. I personally think that she looked absolutely stunning in I Knew You Were Trouble. With the curled hair, white shirt and jeans, they all seem to fit her features perfectly. It's just my opinion.

29 October, 2013


I have been listening to this track for quite some time already. I hope you enjoy it the way I do.

Girl, Interrupted is simply an amazing film. In life, there will always be those times when things don't seem to be needing so much of our attention, and everybody is just taking things easy for themselves and you think you should do the same too. But below that serene surface was where the intensity actually increased a whole lot more, and nothing seems to be working out the way people wanted. I personally think that this film speaks out this truth; when people in general are seemingly incapable of dealing with problems they face throughout their lives, and they would rather slack and let the others suffer, due to their inability to reach out to those that needed help because they themselves are always scared of trying out something new, or at least trying to step out of their comfort zones for those that are literally screaming for help from the inside.

Watching A Fall from Grace/Last Hours in Suburbia, on the other hand, truly got me emotional. I was so attentive, catching up on what has been going on inside the movie non-stop and all I could feel was a mixture of anger, hopelessness and sadness; angry, as though I could feel Grace's pain and her anger towards her best friend, Jennifer; hopelessness, as I was unable to help Grace relieve her burden, and ultimately saddened by how her life turned out to be. And if there's anyone that reminded me of Grace, it'll be Hannah Baker from Thirteen Reasons Why. Both of them have made a huge impact on other people's lives, and people would think that they are basically just some troubled youths that needed help and attention. Looking at them, listening to stories of their lives, parents and adults would tell the youngsters things like "See, this is what happens if you don't listen to adults!"

But are the adults and parents right about saying this? Who are we to judge people based on how their lives turned out to be, and based on the decisions they have made? I'll leave these for you to think about during your spare time.

22 October, 2013

Facts (edited)

1) Everyone generalises, accuses the others of something but hey, everyone does that. Who didn't?

2) Feminists exist due to the presence of anti-feminists. So basically, both sides are protective and defensive bunches.

3) Females are subjected to the acts of misogyny as well, so it kinda contradicts things.

4) Humans wear clothes because they aren't prepared to be "exposed". Ergo, every human is ashamed of at least something - being naked. No animals wear clothes, it's just humans. So stop bringing people down for what they're afraid of.

5) Every human is selfish, man or woman. Women for the men, and men for the money and fame.

6) It makes you wonder why people don't have sex in public nor in their clothes. Nope, they always do it in private, stripping off each others' clothes and release the monstrosity within them; unless they totally lost it or think they shouldn't.

7) When you're referring people as "man", "woman" or "kid", you're basically providing a reference to who they basically are, that is you're giving them names. What's the difference between that and calling someone "bitch" or something unpleasant? It's that people are generally name callers. There are no exceptions.

8) Some girls claim that they find the opposite sexes make better friends, which may sound quite contradicting.

9) Nobody's criticisms count unless you make them count.

18 October, 2013


"I couldn't resist the temptation of mocking humans. I tried my best to not linger into their world, which is full of hatred because it's bad for health. Instead, I have always consoled them, mending the broken hearts and advise the hot-headed. All I can say is that I have done what I could do, and very few of them who are reasonable would listen, but the stubborn ones will always think they are right in what they do - committing themselves into the deeds of hatred yet being so defensive if they were told not to do that.
I wonder whether I am stupid to think that there is hope for humanity, that everything bad that happened to this planet will soon be acknowledged seriously by everyone in this planet; will they stop these things from happening, or will they continue to tear this place apart like how their predecessors did? Imagine how one single person could not contribute to this planet but to cause the planet to contribute to him or her well being as he or she continues to consume, defecate, urinate, and violate inside this planet, how is Earth going to bear the burden of making billions of people's lives comfortable? Indeed, humans are nothing but parasites, and Earth is the host of this parasitism. But then, humans are not ashamed of the troubles they have caused, the damages they have made.
It wouldn't be hard to try and knock some sense into them, but they are making this hard. In fact, humans always make things hard for themselves. If I wouldn't think twice about these things, then there won't be anyone in this world who would give a damn about this issue. I could have been narrow-minded just like them, and nothing will stop me from doing what the other humans do best as well - destroy. Some would be extremely protective of their own kind, clarifying that humans have contributed a lot to this world through inventions and discoveries of every aspect that needed to be focused on, but they are not quite right about that. You see, all these findings will make sense to humans only, who are like the researchers, they live and do things using the same methods or systems such as the usage of languages and writing things down. Technically, it is to be implied that they are contributing to the humane society, not the entire world as they will be the only ones who understand themselves, which may sound ironic considering humans' capability of being so intolerant and inconsiderate these days. As everyone thinks what they have to say is more important and what the others have to say, individuals who are willing to listen to what the others have to say is getting rarer as life is becoming more challenging in the years to come.
Is it necessary for me to somehow make them realise what they have done? Are they even going to listen to what I have to say? Or will they purge me from their memories as if I never existed? I don't really know. I just sincerely hope that the humanity will soon realise all these, and people will start to change."
Photo credits to dolfi.

17 October, 2013

Tomorrow's the day/Propane Nightmares

Another one of my earlier works.
It's time to move forward and work on greater things even more seriously. I shall approach every tasks handed to me in life with the best attitude and spirit. I might fail in doing what I do but I will be fine with that, because I live only for once and my main objective, which I will never forget, is to do my best in my life, to succeed in doing the things that I am responsible for. 

Rob Swire has/had that mesmerising voice which fits perfectly with this artistically-created piece of masterwork - Propane Nightmares. Over these days, I am still finding ways or clues, thinking of how in the world was the title of the song related to the song itself. Though Rob wasn't the only one who wrote the song, I am just intrigued by the idea that a badass superstar like him would choose to make songs with such beautiful yet difficult-to-be-understood lyrics. As I am neither an expert in drum and bass related works nor a skilled poet or lyrics writer, I am always fascinated by the idea of combining the two separate souls into something meaningful and much more unforgettable, and most of the time I would immerse myself into the works of Pendulum. I may have misunderstood Pendulum's purpose of releasing the song as a single, but they shouldn't be too troubled by that as their songs, especially Propane Nightmares, have brought joy into my life and encouraged me to bring changes to my life. So thank you Pendulum, from your loyal fan who always wishes that Pendulum will some day recruit again to make more music.

14 October, 2013

Children are Innocent

People in general would usually speak of protecting elder people's rights if they were to discuss topics regarding ageism; how elder people were constantly neglected or behaviorally abused. If you are to talk to me about ageism like this, I will assume that you know nothing about ageism, or discrimination against people based on "their age".

The age of a person, which takes the number of years he lives in this world into account, is different for different people, and which the difference is more significant if we are to compare between two persons especially one that is much older and one that is younger. The difference is significant as the eras in which the two persons were born in weren't the same, eras which consist of different sources of inspiration and fun which will obviously influence the two very different people and affect their mindsets. For example, one who used to live in poverty or when technology did not mean much in this world could hardly get along or see eye to eye with another who was born in the era which iPhone or other electronic devices are becoming increasingly popular. People that were born in the past eras tend to state that they play with wooden horses or just dolls during their children, and they tend to become disapproved of the children these days as they are given iPhones or tablets to play with.

The habit of judging other people of their behaviour by calling them "12 year olds" or "little kids" makes no sense whatsoever. By doing so, one is involving the actual 12 year olds and little kids into that matter, and by saying these things, the onlookers and listeners of the criticisms will be affected as they tend to generalise that 12 year olds and little kids will always behave unpleasantly just like the way they were described as, and since then it will never be easy for anyone to tell you otherwise. The truth is, the person that accused other people for being 12 year olds or little kids is the true culprit. It is funny how in actual fact, the person that accuses IS the one who is behaving immaturely, even compared to the so-called "12 year olds" or "little kids", who are apparently innocent.

They said children nowadays are harder to be taught and tamed, or something like that. The fact is that, this is never true, considering how children nowadays are obviously born in eras which are different from the ones who disapproved of children born in this era. This is an important factor, as the two groups(the accuser and the children born in this era) do not share the same childhood memories which consist of different things that make each other happy. If there is anyone to blame, the accuser should blame themselves for accusing instead of advising. Just because one thinks the latter is who he/she claimed them to be, it doesn't make one's accusations factual. So why not advice them instead, like a friend? The world will become a better place if people are tolerant, considerate and helpful, don't you all agree? Why create unnecessary pain, when one can create happiness? Why hate, when one can love? Children are naive beings and are constantly mentally influenced by the adults who they rely on to provide them with clarity, answers and attention. Parents are responsible for inspiring their children, and so is the society.

12 October, 2013


A screenshot taken by me, of Eminem in I'm Not Afraid. I always love his artistic works, and his guts is definitely something admirable.

In life, we would and will still always work so hard for what we don't actually really want, yet fear and irrationality that we possess in ourselves drive us to do it. They say you need a proper education and at least the academic requirement to do what we want, which is not true but people keep believing in that and that makes it seem real and logical. Some of us wasted so much of our life times doing that, tortured ourselves in doing what we don't like. Usually nobody would advice you to do what's good for you, because it's either they are too self-absorbed(literally) or they didn't realise you're actually doing something when you can spend your time on something greater for you instead at that current time. If you were to blame them for not telling you and guiding you, well why not ask yourself if you will listen to them if they were to tell you and advice you? And why didn't you realise that it doesn't suit you when you are doing it? You are independent. You don't need no one to show you the right path for you. You should rely on yourself instead. You should believe in yourself.

05 October, 2013


Maybe I have put too much pressure on myself.

(Because I deserved the torture.)

Or not.