29 October, 2013


I have been listening to this track for quite some time already. I hope you enjoy it the way I do.

Girl, Interrupted is simply an amazing film. In life, there will always be those times when things don't seem to be needing so much of our attention, and everybody is just taking things easy for themselves and you think you should do the same too. But below that serene surface was where the intensity actually increased a whole lot more, and nothing seems to be working out the way people wanted. I personally think that this film speaks out this truth; when people in general are seemingly incapable of dealing with problems they face throughout their lives, and they would rather slack and let the others suffer, due to their inability to reach out to those that needed help because they themselves are always scared of trying out something new, or at least trying to step out of their comfort zones for those that are literally screaming for help from the inside.

Watching A Fall from Grace/Last Hours in Suburbia, on the other hand, truly got me emotional. I was so attentive, catching up on what has been going on inside the movie non-stop and all I could feel was a mixture of anger, hopelessness and sadness; angry, as though I could feel Grace's pain and her anger towards her best friend, Jennifer; hopelessness, as I was unable to help Grace relieve her burden, and ultimately saddened by how her life turned out to be. And if there's anyone that reminded me of Grace, it'll be Hannah Baker from Thirteen Reasons Why. Both of them have made a huge impact on other people's lives, and people would think that they are basically just some troubled youths that needed help and attention. Looking at them, listening to stories of their lives, parents and adults would tell the youngsters things like "See, this is what happens if you don't listen to adults!"

But are the adults and parents right about saying this? Who are we to judge people based on how their lives turned out to be, and based on the decisions they have made? I'll leave these for you to think about during your spare time.

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