12 October, 2013


A screenshot taken by me, of Eminem in I'm Not Afraid. I always love his artistic works, and his guts is definitely something admirable.

In life, we would and will still always work so hard for what we don't actually really want, yet fear and irrationality that we possess in ourselves drive us to do it. They say you need a proper education and at least the academic requirement to do what we want, which is not true but people keep believing in that and that makes it seem real and logical. Some of us wasted so much of our life times doing that, tortured ourselves in doing what we don't like. Usually nobody would advice you to do what's good for you, because it's either they are too self-absorbed(literally) or they didn't realise you're actually doing something when you can spend your time on something greater for you instead at that current time. If you were to blame them for not telling you and guiding you, well why not ask yourself if you will listen to them if they were to tell you and advice you? And why didn't you realise that it doesn't suit you when you are doing it? You are independent. You don't need no one to show you the right path for you. You should rely on yourself instead. You should believe in yourself.

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