14 October, 2013

Children are Innocent

People in general would usually speak of protecting elder people's rights if they were to discuss topics regarding ageism; how elder people were constantly neglected or behaviorally abused. If you are to talk to me about ageism like this, I will assume that you know nothing about ageism, or discrimination against people based on "their age".

The age of a person, which takes the number of years he lives in this world into account, is different for different people, and which the difference is more significant if we are to compare between two persons especially one that is much older and one that is younger. The difference is significant as the eras in which the two persons were born in weren't the same, eras which consist of different sources of inspiration and fun which will obviously influence the two very different people and affect their mindsets. For example, one who used to live in poverty or when technology did not mean much in this world could hardly get along or see eye to eye with another who was born in the era which iPhone or other electronic devices are becoming increasingly popular. People that were born in the past eras tend to state that they play with wooden horses or just dolls during their children, and they tend to become disapproved of the children these days as they are given iPhones or tablets to play with.

The habit of judging other people of their behaviour by calling them "12 year olds" or "little kids" makes no sense whatsoever. By doing so, one is involving the actual 12 year olds and little kids into that matter, and by saying these things, the onlookers and listeners of the criticisms will be affected as they tend to generalise that 12 year olds and little kids will always behave unpleasantly just like the way they were described as, and since then it will never be easy for anyone to tell you otherwise. The truth is, the person that accused other people for being 12 year olds or little kids is the true culprit. It is funny how in actual fact, the person that accuses IS the one who is behaving immaturely, even compared to the so-called "12 year olds" or "little kids", who are apparently innocent.

They said children nowadays are harder to be taught and tamed, or something like that. The fact is that, this is never true, considering how children nowadays are obviously born in eras which are different from the ones who disapproved of children born in this era. This is an important factor, as the two groups(the accuser and the children born in this era) do not share the same childhood memories which consist of different things that make each other happy. If there is anyone to blame, the accuser should blame themselves for accusing instead of advising. Just because one thinks the latter is who he/she claimed them to be, it doesn't make one's accusations factual. So why not advice them instead, like a friend? The world will become a better place if people are tolerant, considerate and helpful, don't you all agree? Why create unnecessary pain, when one can create happiness? Why hate, when one can love? Children are naive beings and are constantly mentally influenced by the adults who they rely on to provide them with clarity, answers and attention. Parents are responsible for inspiring their children, and so is the society.

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