31 October, 2013

The Last Day./?

Everyone thinks he's a hero when he's not. Everyone likes him when some don't. When nobody questions about his plan for all of them, that's because they think he is the only one who could help them with a problem that shouldn't be a problem. When everybody agrees with you on something, it doesn't make that something a right thing to be done. It can only mean that there are people that actually see things eye-to-eye with you. They may be fooled by such forms of unity, and so are you because of your selfishness.
I never really liked Taylor Swift's songs from the moment Love Song was made to be heard on radio and TV. Then she definitely impressed my mind with Safe and Sound; and when someone I knew played I Knew You Were Trouble non-stop, I didn't pay any attention to it at first, until now.

She wrote so many songs, and I am not surprised that she never stop doing it as she seems to like it very much. I am attracted to some of her songs (the ones I have just mentioned) not due to the lyrics but the music style.

p.s. I personally think that she looked absolutely stunning in I Knew You Were Trouble. With the curled hair, white shirt and jeans, they all seem to fit her features perfectly. It's just my opinion.

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