18 October, 2013


"I couldn't resist the temptation of mocking humans. I tried my best to not linger into their world, which is full of hatred because it's bad for health. Instead, I have always consoled them, mending the broken hearts and advise the hot-headed. All I can say is that I have done what I could do, and very few of them who are reasonable would listen, but the stubborn ones will always think they are right in what they do - committing themselves into the deeds of hatred yet being so defensive if they were told not to do that.
I wonder whether I am stupid to think that there is hope for humanity, that everything bad that happened to this planet will soon be acknowledged seriously by everyone in this planet; will they stop these things from happening, or will they continue to tear this place apart like how their predecessors did? Imagine how one single person could not contribute to this planet but to cause the planet to contribute to him or her well being as he or she continues to consume, defecate, urinate, and violate inside this planet, how is Earth going to bear the burden of making billions of people's lives comfortable? Indeed, humans are nothing but parasites, and Earth is the host of this parasitism. But then, humans are not ashamed of the troubles they have caused, the damages they have made.
It wouldn't be hard to try and knock some sense into them, but they are making this hard. In fact, humans always make things hard for themselves. If I wouldn't think twice about these things, then there won't be anyone in this world who would give a damn about this issue. I could have been narrow-minded just like them, and nothing will stop me from doing what the other humans do best as well - destroy. Some would be extremely protective of their own kind, clarifying that humans have contributed a lot to this world through inventions and discoveries of every aspect that needed to be focused on, but they are not quite right about that. You see, all these findings will make sense to humans only, who are like the researchers, they live and do things using the same methods or systems such as the usage of languages and writing things down. Technically, it is to be implied that they are contributing to the humane society, not the entire world as they will be the only ones who understand themselves, which may sound ironic considering humans' capability of being so intolerant and inconsiderate these days. As everyone thinks what they have to say is more important and what the others have to say, individuals who are willing to listen to what the others have to say is getting rarer as life is becoming more challenging in the years to come.
Is it necessary for me to somehow make them realise what they have done? Are they even going to listen to what I have to say? Or will they purge me from their memories as if I never existed? I don't really know. I just sincerely hope that the humanity will soon realise all these, and people will start to change."
Photo credits to dolfi.

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