17 October, 2013

Tomorrow's the day/Propane Nightmares

Another one of my earlier works.
It's time to move forward and work on greater things even more seriously. I shall approach every tasks handed to me in life with the best attitude and spirit. I might fail in doing what I do but I will be fine with that, because I live only for once and my main objective, which I will never forget, is to do my best in my life, to succeed in doing the things that I am responsible for. 

Rob Swire has/had that mesmerising voice which fits perfectly with this artistically-created piece of masterwork - Propane Nightmares. Over these days, I am still finding ways or clues, thinking of how in the world was the title of the song related to the song itself. Though Rob wasn't the only one who wrote the song, I am just intrigued by the idea that a badass superstar like him would choose to make songs with such beautiful yet difficult-to-be-understood lyrics. As I am neither an expert in drum and bass related works nor a skilled poet or lyrics writer, I am always fascinated by the idea of combining the two separate souls into something meaningful and much more unforgettable, and most of the time I would immerse myself into the works of Pendulum. I may have misunderstood Pendulum's purpose of releasing the song as a single, but they shouldn't be too troubled by that as their songs, especially Propane Nightmares, have brought joy into my life and encouraged me to bring changes to my life. So thank you Pendulum, from your loyal fan who always wishes that Pendulum will some day recruit again to make more music.

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