22 October, 2013

Facts (edited)

1) Everyone generalises, accuses the others of something but hey, everyone does that. Who didn't?

2) Feminists exist due to the presence of anti-feminists. So basically, both sides are protective and defensive bunches.

3) Females are subjected to the acts of misogyny as well, so it kinda contradicts things.

4) Humans wear clothes because they aren't prepared to be "exposed". Ergo, every human is ashamed of at least something - being naked. No animals wear clothes, it's just humans. So stop bringing people down for what they're afraid of.

5) Every human is selfish, man or woman. Women for the men, and men for the money and fame.

6) It makes you wonder why people don't have sex in public nor in their clothes. Nope, they always do it in private, stripping off each others' clothes and release the monstrosity within them; unless they totally lost it or think they shouldn't.

7) When you're referring people as "man", "woman" or "kid", you're basically providing a reference to who they basically are, that is you're giving them names. What's the difference between that and calling someone "bitch" or something unpleasant? It's that people are generally name callers. There are no exceptions.

8) Some girls claim that they find the opposite sexes make better friends, which may sound quite contradicting.

9) Nobody's criticisms count unless you make them count.

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