19 July, 2013


Okay. Here's my last thought that I want to share with you before I go to bed: Why were people angry when we happened to have done something wrong? I'm not sure whether I am the first to think like this, it could be a rarely suggested idea, but somehow I think it makes a great deal of sense in this matter. So this is what happens: we all make mistakes, and we live to take actions and be productive. Making mistakes is inevitable throughout our lives. One can not possibly live without making mistakes OR committing oneself into an action or a purpose. In a counter-intuitive but very true & real dilemma/situation that exists in our lives, is that humans tend to overreact towards things. Sure we make mistakes, but has anyone ever asked whether we are doing it on purpose? The most peculiar thing about us humans is that we tend to take these things personally; that is, when people actually made a mistake, big or small, we tend to react towards it even when we are not "required" to react. Reacting towards people's actions seemed like an acceptable and normal thing to do, but were they necessary? To react towards a mistake or action is pointless, troublesome, but it seems to be an action that everyone does without thinking about it thoroughly. When someone was "mean" to us, regardless whether they did it on purpose or not, we can usually listen to people around us saying "just ignore him/her," and sometimes they would add a few more words like "he/she's stupid. He/She didn't know what he/she was doing" or "how can he/she be so cruel to you." Those are some suggestions given to us that made a few things clear: one, is that we humans are all insecure. I've been talking about this for a couple or countless times in this blog because I want to stress on this matter, and because I feel that it was not properly discussed by anyone around me, or even the whole world. Nobody will talk about it, because deep down in everybody's hearts and souls, they are just as helpless as a newborn; terrified and feeling alone. When you think about those words, they have clearly suggested that the person who suggested those thoughts (e.g. "he/she's stupid. He/She didn't know what he/she was doing") was as clueless as you are about the situation. Think about it. Who is he or her to judge the dilemma within the situation? They are not the subject or the person being acted on, so how would they know whether the situation is pleasant or the other way round? All I can say is this:
Trust no one with handling your problems. You are the only person who can deal with your own problems. Be smart in thinking, do not rush things. Even if the situation is bad, you have to understand that people DO NOT do things to make us angry. They would not be that free to create problems when they have other things to worry about. In fact, we are the ones who made ourselves feel the anger.
However, that is not the only theory that can be applied to every situation. So here's this:
Even if people did things on purpose to piss us off, bear in mind that they are just as stressed out as you are currently feeling all the tension and burden of the situation. All you can do is to forgive them because they are humans as well, which means they have feelings, emotions and their own ways to deal with problems, that is by acting on other people in the hopes of making the victims feel the same way they felt. Like I said, this is like transmitting a disease from one person to another.

In these situations, we oftentimes made ourselves aware of the behaviours or reactions of the "onlookers" or "passer-by" and just admit it, we are paranoid and sensitive towards what they have to say or feel towards the situation as we will be judged very cruelly and without pity. This is very true in perhaps every situation happening around the world, around all of us. But aren't you interested in knowing why would the "onlookers" behave in such manners? The only reason I can come up with is that people are actually subconsciously self-absorbed and have less pity on the well-being of others. As humans, we tend to be selfish and only look after ourselves and we always expect things to be carried out in the way we want them to happen. The problem is that we  think we are alone in terms of thinking about things; if everyone is aware of the fact that everyone around them are just as insecure and terrified as they are, they wouldn't do things to hurt the others if they still have empathy and the sense of sympathising. Sadly, this is not what we usually can see in the society. In this cruel reality, we can only see how people encourage things to be made worse for the others because we want to excel, we want to be the superior individual that becomes dominant in the society we live in. We could care less about other people just for that, which is selfish, but unnecessary. We could have become dominant together. But we wouldn't want that. Because we are insecure and paranoid, and we fear that we will be dominated some day if we happen to unite in the first place.
This is a cruel reality we live in, but I believe it can be changed. I hope everyone changes, in terms of mindset. I will look forward to that day, when everything changes from bad to good.

Now, for desserts, I am treating you to listen to a new song that I love. It's called Killbot, by Devin Martin. Enjoy~

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