15 July, 2013

Behind Our Behaviours

A picture of the sky, brought to you by me.
Recently, I just realised that people are different from who I think they are. In the past, I was always so humble and have no confidence at all because I think they are better and I am the worst. Now, I am always under the impression that people are literally self-absorbed and selfish. My problem was not because I am the worst; I was never the worst, but it was because I made myself to think in such a way.

What has the story of the Little Prince said about humans is almost very true. We do not know what we are doing even when we're doing it, and oftentimes when we are heading for our "goal", we didn't have the ideal and adequate mental ability and capability to do so. Our mind is not prepared, even if we have fed ourselves with positivity, but sometimes we are over-confident to a point that we could not accept what people have to say about what we're doing.

In other times, we are the ones who are being neglected. We are free, but we have led ourselves through the improper pathway. We did not let ourselves try hard enough for ourselves, and we wouldn't allow/let/want anyone to help us although in the end we blame them for the outcomes of our actions that affect our lives. We will not give ourselves a chance to do things right, let alone listening to what people have to say. People are discouraging if we let them, and we are also to be blamed because our attitudes have influenced their actions. Blame no one, but yourself.

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