03 July, 2013

Heart's Desire: My Favourite Dead Space 3 Background Music

I'm getting so lucky within this one day. First I got the chance to find a synthpop music that I enjoy listening, now I just found my favourite track from Dead Space 3. This is so awesome, it's turning out to be one really good day for me, and hoping that I'm not speaking this too soon, just in time for a tragedy to come and ruin my day *inserts paranoia*.
I can't say that I watched any old sci-fi movies or shows before, just because I can't or don't remember. But this song somehow turned out to be a reminiscent of those stuffs, as if I heard it somewhere before I listen to this. You can listen to this whenever Isaac Clarke is floating around space, such as during the travel towards SK-1P or looking for useable parts with Rosen.

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