03 July, 2013

Amnesia Custom Story- It's Hurting My Eyes- The Song in the Intro (I GOT IT!)

I just found this really awesome song. I love it ever since I heard it for the first time in Amnesia's custom story- It's Hurting My Eyes. It was a really nice game intro, no words can describe the epic-ness of it. I was searching for the song from Google to YouTube to YouTubers' comments below the video. Thankfully I found it and I really want to say thanks to the YouTuber who posted the comment that has the answer. If I'm not mistaken, this is a synthpop song. And did I mention that I love synthpop music?
By the way, this is the first song feature in It's Hurting My Eyes. Once again, thank you so much YouTuber!
Someone Who Was Saved From A Lot Of Trouble
Because of You.

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