07 July, 2013

Compilation of Important Subjects

Picture of a woman named Tess, who was the protagonist's, Joel's girlfriend in The Last of Us. Picture from PlayStation.blog. I was rather upset to realise how she was like at first, but my respect for her grows bigger and bigger in time, and it was deeply troublesome to accept the fact that she died. She's a true fighter, brave and tough; probably my favourite female fictional character.
After watching a YouTuber playing The Last of Us, I could almost fall in love with the game. Since the time set for the zombie apocalypse in the game itself was apparently in the same era and actually really close to where we are now, it leads me to being able to relate the dilemma faced by the world during the two specific times. But I have one criticism about the game though, and it's that when Ellie was held as hostage by David and his crew, things just seem really weird to me. But maybe it was because I watched the plot first instead of watching that part of the game, which have always made me feel more expectant and demanding.

It's a Boy Girl Thing was definitely a reminiscent of Freaky Friday, basically due to the same concept. I laughed my head off from the beginning till the end, and it helped me to look at things in different ways such as the relationship of any kind can exist between a girl and a boy. This movie got me thinking more seriously about the ideas I have or had and the benefits of expanding them.
I also watched The Nanny Diaries. I do appreciate the way the movie express its idea, and how it helped me to look at things in a different matter. I was referring to the X family, which is one family that makes me feel sad to watch them. I've always wondered why would people, even adults, do such things to themselves and to those who are important to them? This movie made it clear to me, that we as human beings can always make the wrong decisions and mistakes at any time. And the only reason why we continue doing them is because we never really think about it, how it can affect the future. We are born of flesh and bone, and with the ability to think about anything. What we don't have, or what most of us don't have, is the will or sense of purpose in our lives. It's a fact that we are not prepared to become one of the living things in this world, we are really afraid. We are usually not born with a life that we want, hence we fall because we couldn't live up to pace.

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