13 July, 2013


Sincerely, brought to you by me.
Life is what we have always taken for granted, and fear is what we will never admit having. We are so scared of being judged, yet we are the ones who committed those deeds countless times. We are a group of vulnerable species who made ourselves vulnerable: that is, we overreact towards everything. From people's attitude, to little accidents that can literally ruin us.
Before one of my classmate told me stories about Adam and Eve, I was already curious about humans, about us. One of the questions I asked myself is: Why do humans wear clothes? Why don't bother being naked in public? I answered myself, saying that we wear clothes so that our 'private' parts will not be seen, which has clearly implied that we can never risk the chance of becoming exposed to other people who are also the same. So shouldn't we be grateful for having the chance to wear clothes instead of being naked and exposed, which was not what we are brave enough to do? So why are people taking things for granted? Why are we constantly hurting each other, humiliating other people who just want to be themselves? Why do we keep on criticising people, girls judging girls more often and boys being jerks? I know this doesn't apply to all girls and boys but, why are these things still happening, when as humans, we are supposed to not stick together solely for survival, but to make each others' days better?
We are the jerks who abused everything we touch and everything we have. We may give a valid reason for our doings but just to be frank to ourselves, we did do things for ourselves, and only for ourselves. One has stabbed the others for their own benefits in terms of money or survival or whatever he/she desired at that moment, and that's because we are doing it for ourselves. One has helped the needy from problems in life, and it's because he/she 'wants the person to feel better'. But the truth is, we just couldn't stand watching people suffer instead of themselves, so in order to compensate for our feelings and the guilt, he/she will help the others because of their personal emotions and feelings towards the situation.
In the end, we do everything for ourselves. Is that selfish? Or just for our survival? I am not the one to decide on this, I know. But these things keep on making me want to give them answers.

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