31 August, 2013

That's what she said.

One of my artworks.
"We're bound to be different from one another, and we're bound to be special in various ways. I used to be extremely conscious and paranoid about how people would react towards what I did or how I behaved. That was the past. I guess I've grown up since then. The past has taught me so many good lessons that people wouldn't tell you how to deal with. I don't blame them either, because they are just THAT self-absorbed, selfish and hopeless. Nobody will look out for you. You are the only one who can rely on yourself. But that doesn't mean you have to be mean towards them.

I can always picture how we humans have always been insecure and frightful since we were born to this world. If people happen to treat you badly, just remember that they have always been used to look after themselves, which means they would care less about how you will deal with the situations. That's cool bro. You shouldn't be too upset about it. Maybe a little.
Love everyone, no matter how bad they treat you, now or before. If you have a better insight later in your life, you'll understand why. Standards of behaviour needs to be improved throughout a person's life. The more you live your everyday life to the fullest, the greater your life is going to turn out, sooner or later. Because we are continuously learning and understanding things day by day, and eventually we are getting better at dealing with dilemmas and issues. That's how we roll. That's why we shouldn't rush things."

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