27 August, 2013

Love for the Sake of Being Loved

Deep down inside my heart, I knew that I need love just like everyone. As I have witnessed people's love life, they always have to give something away in order to have the love they wanted so badly; the opportunity to pursue their courier and their freedom. These made them become even more demanding towards the relationship they're currently in, not willing to give away anything anymore because they just gave up a lot of things for love.

We hurt to get back the things we love, we get jealous when we didn't experience what we have 'mentally' expected, because we're not ready to accept the fact that things can happen in hundreds or thousands of ways. We stopped working together because we didn't actually learn to love, but we have learnt to hate. It's not logical, but somehow that's how things work now, basically.

So I wondered, if there's anyone out there who is willing to love unconditionally and sincerely from the bottom of their heart, trying to change people's mindset. Are there such people?

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