08 April, 2012

New Life

I have been wasting my time, and I didn't realize that until now. When I look back now, I can tell you that I never knew how to appreciate the opportunities given to me. Chances are slipping away one by one and I have very little time to spare now.

This... has... to... stop. This whole insanity has to end right now.

I need to change. I should be focusing on taking care of the things that I have now. I have to look forward and forget about the past. From now on, I need to set my priorities right and stop living meaninglessly day by day. I'll start a new life from today on wards with a clear and positive mind, and I won't give up as long as I'm still alive.

Photo credits to Latyrx. I think they are very beautiful, and mainly they suit the title of this post.

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