17 May, 2013

Exam/Passion comes in first?

Wow oh wow. "Time flies when you least expect it to." The terrorising moments that I've been waiting for since the beginning of this year is finally here - the major exam that motivates us to fight hard, just for the sake of trying our best even though it's going to be a losing battle.

I worked hard, I must say. But the immense effort that I've put in doesn't seem to be enough to make me eligible to survive this war. I guess I'm just gonna wait till the judgement days to find out how good am I in understanding everything that are required to be understood in this semester.

Next Tuesday will be the beginning of doom for me. But even so... I am currently suffering from a dilemma of abandoning my priority for something less important for now, and one of those things is one of my part time passion - watching walkthroughs. And by watching wakthroughs, I'm talking about Dead Space 3 gaming walkthroughs. I am now more attentive towards watching walkthroughs instead of doing my revision, but I'll have time for both anyway.

Damn, I fell in love with the game ever since I watched the first video on YouTube a few days ago. I have been a fan of Dead Space stories and games, too bad that I only read the novel but not the games. But it doesn't matter, as long as I can still look for anything about it.

This time the player is called by his username HassanAlHajry. I have to thank him for taking his liberty of posting the game on YouTube for everyone who are anticipating to watch any of them, someone like me for this case. I wouldn't mind watching everything he uploaded, but that definitely takes time.

I love the music, the dialogue, the places, characters, weapons, enemies, everything featured in the game. This game strongly reminded me of Dino Crisis' first and second games. Despite the differences, I love all of them.

The photo above is taken by yours truly.

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