18 May, 2013

Dangerous Paradise

".... And when Isaac was working tirelessly around the space, travelling from one place to another and working his shit out for Earth's sake, I am dreaming otherwise; I wished I could travel in space just like him. Some places in the universe are just beautiful and unique in their own ways; All I wanted is to sit down and look at the beauty of outer space, a nature's gift. And I just do not need to worry about anything. I will encourage Isaac to do the same, for he fought and worked so hard for his planet and everybody regardless of who they are. He deserves some real good rest."
- the girl who always wished for the impossible
The screenshot above is taken from a Dead Space 3 video walkthrough. Featuring the space outside a ship called Roanoke, it was where Isaac went to search for flight recorders so that he and his crew can return to Earth and make final attempts to stop the invasion of a new species. Once again, Isaac Clarke is Earth's hero, who selflessly tried to save Earth from being taken over by the Marker and its lackeys, and its habitants from being enslaved by the enemy.

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