20 April, 2013

I want you.

Photo above: a sketch of an anonymous beauty, by yours truly.

My mind keeps on running.
From walking on the streets, along the beach, pacing on the sidewalk going home, my mind keeps running, and it's only because I let my mind to do so.
And I am always thinking about you; your beautiful face with that bright coloured eyes yet intense outlines, your curvy but sharp and perfect nose, your pretty and flawless curled lips, and your hair that seemed beautiful however way you dress it up.
You were never mine, but you will always be in my heart. Once I dreamed of how nice it would be if we can be together, sitting on the sand, or kissing in the rain. Together, we could share memories that we cherish so much, and do crazy things yet we enjoy them like a nice meal. I want you to be able to hug me and never let go, so that we can be together, forever, that nothing can break us apart, or tear us down.
But you are meant to be free, you are meant to be an independent person that can do things perfectly on your own. And I shouldn't be there to ruin things for you, or get in your way.
I shall let you go, for your sake of discovering things around you, unleashing your own potential in doing various things. You are a talented person, so don't bury yourself in this relationship that will obstruct your visions.
Goodbye, my ex-lover.

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