26 October, 2012

Too much of horror to be Taken in

I've watched 2 movies last Friday; yeah it has been a week already till I post about it now as I was extremely busy and life is trying to crush me with all the hectic and problems. And as I was saying, the movies are: Taken 2 and Sinister.

I have spent the whole day at the mall from noon until seven thirty at night, and I must say I did have a blast in the theatres. Taken 2 impresses me with the thoughts of having Bryan to introduce very unique but using the most classical ways to figure things out even in the toughest situation he could possibly get into, and with those survival tips. It's just goddamn awesome.

And as for Sinister, it sure is hell of a movie to show those gruesome sights and techniques to murder people. Sinister has to be the first horror movie that truly scare the living hell out of me. I remembered watching it with such fright that I closed my eyes when I have a feeling that the next sight is going to be horrific and gross. I didn't even bother listening to the sounds. I guess I was too scared, and reminding myself about the scenes is like torturing myself. Otherwise, I find Ethan Hawke is extremely hot.

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