08 February, 2014

Amnesia: The Great Work - Review

And once again, I have finished watching the full lets play of another Amnesia custom story - The Great Work. As players have claimed, it was one of the best custom story ever created even though parts of it is different from the original Amnesia, in terms of music and of course, the story line. I personally enjoy the new settings of the game, especially the different places that the protagonist, Charles had ventured through with the quest of finding pieces of orbs and shards before they fall into the enemy's hands. I really love how the game creator(s) made use of different textures and items to make the different environments in the game immersive and enjoyable, although I must say that many of the rooms like study rooms or places that hold goods looked almost the same which made them seem banal.

Even so, if I were to compare the endings between this game and The Dark Descent, The Great Work will triumph over The Dark Descent in terms of the ingenious concepts behind the final errand that is to be carried out by players. Nevertheless, I absolutely love the cultural places at which players must perform rituals before encountering the antagonist in The Dark Descent. Personally, I think playing The Great Work means that one is about to go through one hell of a journey, as the difficulty has been raised to almost the maximum level and players have to face various situations in which some of them were never featured in other Amnesia custom story.

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