12 March, 2014

Night Time, My Time

As clouds drift over the sky, over our heads, we couldn't help but to notice their beauty, yet we have wasted our life away by watching them. Photo taken by yours sincerely.
Just to match the title of this post, and not being able to take many pictures of the nights I lived through, I hope the picture above can fairly match the music that I am going to share in this post. It's called Night Time, My Time by Sky Ferreira.

For the record, I remember listening to Sky's "Everything is Embarassing" song before it became famous. I thought she can sing really well, but because I was watching her singing inside a studio with not much photographic scenes like in music videos, I didn't follow her for a few months. And when finally I watched her again in Night Time, My Time's music video, I thought she was superb. With that, I've become an official fan of hers.

This song is unlike any other song that I have ever listened to. It's depressing, dark as illustrated by the name of the song, the song itself and the settings in the music video, and the most important thing is that it brings certain feelings that no song has ever brought to me. More specifically, they are freedom and regret.

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