26 October, 2011

Na Na Na

"I've got soul in my bones
Got a home, a dog and a man to call my own
Every month
I've got my period
To take care of
And to collect in blue tampons

Na na na
Na na na

I've got mace, pepper-spray
And some shoes that runs faster than a rapist rapes
What I need is chemical castrations, hope and godspeed

Na na na
Na na na

What I need is chemical castrations, hope and godspeed......"

Of all the things I could have imagined, the only 3 things I can see are the sky, the endless forest, and the narrow lane between the trees. I was rushing past the the trees every second, trying to reach the end as it may seem to be my only desire. But no matter how far did I go, the narrow lane just lead me to infinity.

I love this song. The Knife sure makes great music. Na Na Na always gives me an eerie feeling whenever I listen to it.

Photos credits to Jake Messenger. Even though I could not find the most suitable photo that can picturise the scene that I have imagined while I was listening to this song, but these photos are the best alternatives; picturesque and solitary, just the way I can feel as the song plays on.

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